Working From HomeIs working from home such a bright idea?


I did a Google search on ‘working from home’ tonight and got 253,000,000 results. Which tells me it is quite a hot topic. Yes, working from home sounds ‘cool’. But is it really what it’s being trumped up to be?


To get an answer (albeit a bit subjective, I guess) we just have to look at my own situation. I have been working from home since 2003 and I like it, although there are some pitfalls. Let’s look at some.


It is hard to separate work from ‘not work’. Unless you have a separate room that functions as an office, and take great pains to separate your office from the rest of the house, work and home (as in ‘family life’) becomes intertwined. Since I live alone it is not so much of an issue to me, and I anyway love what I do so it is not really ‘work’ to me. But if you are a person with family (especially kids) I suggest you try don’t operate from the dining room table, and stick to fairly rigid hours Let work be work and let play be play.


The need for self-discipline. When working from home it is easy to ‘let yourself go’, for example to sit at your desk, unshaven, in your pajamas at 3 PM. It is also easy to sleep late if you went to bed later than usual the previous night. In the long run these things impact on your mind-set, which in turn affects your earning power. Heavy-hitters never succumb to these temptations.


The lack of social interaction. Depending on your personality, this could be  a killer. My house is 5 miles from the nearest town and my immediate neighbors live so far from me I cannot see their homes from mine…so I could easily become a recluse. Being a bit of a ‘loner’ makes it easier for me (to a point) but people needing a lot of social interaction could find it hard.


Now for the positive side.


No commuting. Need I say more? The distance by foot from my bed to my desk is around 20 paces. If I do need to conduct training courses (usually in hotels) I normally check in the night before, so in the morning it only involves catching the elevator to the training venue (or the dining room first, if I feel like having breakfast.)


Dictate your own working hours. This is great. But be warned; having control over your working hours will often make you work longer hours!


Take time off when you want to. Whenever I feel like it I hop into my car, drive to town and grab a seat at my friend Brian’s Cola Cafe, from where I can watch all the traffic in the main street, sip a latte, and possibly bump into a friend. All of this during working hours, and without feeling guilty.


Dictate your own income ‘ceiling’. As a salaried employee you are boxed in below a rigid ceiling. There is only simple way out…become your own ‘boss’, work from home, and start generating multiple streams of income. Right now I have no ceiling in mind. An annual income with seven digits sounds pretty fine by me.




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