MaMake Money from Homeke Money From Home.

This must be one of the most popular search terms of our time, with Google currently (February 2012) showing 444,000,000 hits for ‘make money from home’. I have little hope of getting this post to the first page of the Search Engines. But that’s not my reason for writing this. I simply have to get an issue off my chest. The big question is: why should I bother to make money from home?


Why I Make Money From Home

Firstly, let me tell you that I made the decision to ‘make money from home’ in around 2002. My wife and I had just decided to get away from the big smoke (Perth) and settle in the countryside of Western Australia, in a village called Toodyay (pronounced ‘two-jay’). Now Toodyay is not really a bustling metropolis. It is better suited to artists and retirees. True, I can commute to Perth on a daily basis, but the round trip is in excess of 200 km (125 miles) and I really don’t fancy that. So I resigned from the company I was working for, and started working for them as a subcontractor.


What this means is that I could work (as a consulting Engineer) from the comfort of my own home, barefoot in shorts and T-shirt (in Summer, that is) and did not have to commute. From time to time I had to perform training sessions elsewhere in Australia and abroad, and that felt almost like holidays for me. My late wife, Marijana,  also found that very entertaining as she would spend some time with me, before departure, in the Business Class lounge. At times I even took her with me, for example to the UK and to New Zealand. By the way, not all my work assignments involve travel. I do a lot of teaching and currently 90% of that is done online, using a collaboration tool called Elluminate. My students are all over the world.


A few years ago I started adding online marketing to my arsenal, and I am currently slowly phasing out the Engineering stuff. Why? Well, I can make more money through marketing other people’s stuff and it gives me more freedom (time to do what I want to do, when I want to do it). But that’s beside the point.


Working from home has its negative aspects as well. It is easier to be distracted from one’s work, and it is also very easy to work in the evenings. In other words, the fine line between work and relaxation could easily get blurred.


Why YOU Should Make Money From Home

Anyway, back to the work issue. There is a more serious aspect to consider, especially for over-40s and especially for over-60s like me.  Apparently the White House is following up on an offer recently made by President Obama to help find a job for an unemployed Electrical Engineer in Texas. He made this offer during a live online telecast after the ex-TI engineer’s wife questioned the government’s policy concerning H-1B visa workers. The president asked for EE Darin Wedel’s resume and said he would forward it to some of these companies that were telling him (the President) they could not find enough engineers in this field.


While Mr Wedel seemed grateful for the offer, he argued that the president’s view on job prospects for engineers in his field was not what is happening in the real world.  Adjunct professor Wadhwa from Duke university made some frank comments on the 40-year-old engineer’s situation. His view is that, in the technological world, people generally become more expensive as they get older. So if an employer can hire a worker fresh out of college who is making $60,000 versus an older worker who is making $150,000, and the younger worker has skills that are fresher,  the choice is obvious.


So, my friends. Here is the bottom line, especially for technical people like myself. Get that home business going while you still have the time and energy. You might have to make that switch sooner or later.


And it really is much nicer to work and make money from home.  Go here to see how you too can make money from home.


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