Get People to take Action on your Blog

Ways to get People to Take Action on your Blog.


Whether you are blogging for a cause, or to make money, you want to get people to take action on your blog.  This can range from “liking” a post, tweeting about it, opting in, or buying our product.


Google is also measuring social interaction as a barometer of quality content on a site.  Thus, the more a visitor interacts with your site, the better ranking you will get.  This will result in more visitors and so the cycle continues,


So, what can we do to increase the chance of people taking action once they land on your blog?


Nick Thacker of provides us with the following ways from his personal experience.



1. Ask


I can think of no better way, and no way that’s led to more open doors, than simply asking people to do something. Sure, it takes guts—but that’s why you’re different. You have the guts—go ask!


2. Advertise


If you want a measurable and controllable result, give advertising a shot. It may not be perfect for your niche, but chances are there’s at least something you can advertise in some way. Most pros say to give it at least six months, too, so if you don’t have the funds, this may not work. Check out Project Wonderful for dirt-cheap ads that have gotten me results in the past.


3. Guest post


We all know this one, so there’s no use recounting all of its benefits here. Suffice it to say there have been many successful blogs that have used this strategy almost exclusively to get attention.


4. Share


Almost anything can be shared—blog posts (as in guest posting), ideas, network leads, products, etc. Which leads me to:


5. Joint ventures


JVs are great for getting your message out to huge lists of people, for the price of sharing your profits with another marketer. Check out the Warrior Forum for an entire board dedicated to JV opportunities.


6. Create a video has been writing a lot more on using video content lately, and I know I’ve done a few trailers for my own book as well—with much success.


7. Create an infographic


Neil Patel of QuickSprout has used infographics, sent to major blogs and news sites to use exclusively (for a backlink, of course!), and it’s gotten him plenty of great traffic—and lots of attention, as well. Take time to create a graphic that’s compelling and telling for your market, and see where it goes!


8. Write an ebook


Just about every blogger has, or aspires to create, an eBook. These days, having an ebook is almost expected—where’s yours?


9. Self-publish a book


Having a “real” book tends to lend credibility to our efforts—being able to have a print copy of someone’s work in hand really does “feel” different than an electronic copy. Check out Amazon’s KDP Select program, Lulu, and CreateSpace for more.


10. SEO

I like to think of SEO as one of those “slow-drip” strategies to get attention—it takes time to build, but it’s almost essential in competitive industries. I recommend Glen’s post over at if you’re doing SEO on WordPress.



For more ways to get people take action on your blog, read Nick Thacker’s guest post on



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