Unusual ways to find Blogging Inspiration


Unusual Ways to find Blogging InspirationThe experts say that one should just use day-to-day experiences to find blogging inspiration, but it seems not that easy for the rest of us.  I believe that most bloggers will confer that at times inspiration is lacking.


Blogger Stanford writes that he also used to have the problem, but has since discovered some unusual ways to find blogging inspiration.  He shares some of his strategies in the following paragraphs.  His complete post is available here.


5 Ways to Capture Blogging Inspiration


Try this…

  1. Go to iTunes and download a documentary on a political, cultural, scientific, or spiritual icon. Look for parallels between their life and beliefs and your niche.


  1. Examine the works of coaches, teachers, and motivators in complementary niches. For example, I’ve mined inspiration from the neurolinguistic programming field with great success. Popular practitioners like Anthony Robbins have sparked new ideas and topics.


  1. Change Roles: If you are a teacher, write as if you are a student. The role reversal will force you to observe the world through a different lens. Students should act like they are the professor. How would you organize your niche’s information in a way that is refreshing and exciting?


  1. Change Your Canvas: What if your next post had to be a short film? What images would you use? Who are the characters? The villain? The hero?


  1. Steal. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I discovered George Lucas’ secret to writing Star Wars. It’s called the Heroes Journey and it still blows my mind. I’ve stolen it lock, stock, and barrel. Who is your favorite writer, director, or playwright? How do they find inspiration. Now steal it for yourself.


Inspiration Killers…


I don’t believe in taking it easy. Creativity and inspiration comes from pressure, determination, and consistency.


Creating content is hard work. Inspiration rewards those who diligently search for it.


Sitting on your butt for two weeks waiting for the perfect blog topic is silly and counterproductive. I would love to buy your praise with this nonsensical advice but it just doesn’t work. In fact, taking it easy, blogging less and other clever procrastination strategies could kill your blog.


Yes, some refreshingly unusual ways to find blogging inspiration.  Stanford emphasizes that we should not wait for the inspiration to come us, but to rather go out and search for it.



To your success



Deon and Johan Reynders






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