Web PresenceWhy build a personal web presence?



According to Robert G Allen, in his best-seller ‘Multiple Streams of Internet Income’, there are six major ways in which you can attract eyeballs to your otherwise lonely website.



They are:

  •  Building a personal Web presence
  • Search engines
  • Free and paid ads in the online world
  • Free PR in the online and offline worlds
  • Paid advertising offline
  • Word of ‘mouse’


In this post I will reflect on building a personal Web presence, and over the next few weeks I will comment on the other suggestions as well.


The Market Theatre is a well-known institution in Johannesburg. I did not witness this personally, but years ago a young actor by the name of Sam Marais apparently got permission to bring his piano, plonk it down in the center of the foyer of the Market Theatre and play, free of charge, before the show and during the intermission. Why? Well, people would look at this hitherto unknown guy and ask “who is that?” And that’s how Sam got known.


If you are going to operate online (unless you want to do some ‘black hat’ stuff), you have to establish your name on the Web as if your life depended on it. This alone will not make you money, but it serves several very important purposes. In fact; I am not only suggesting you get known on the web, you should own page one (and page two, and page three.) If, for some reason, you have reservations about divulging your real name you can choose a nickname, but people still have to become familiar with that nickname! Ask many an artist such as Harry Webb (a.k.a. Cliff Richard).


Back to the issue of getting known on the Internet:

  •  If you are in the MLM or direct selling business, people will want to check you out before buying from or signing up under you
  • When you start making big money, a few dysfunctional souls will publish negative stuff about you, and you want to control page one (and keep them off it)


That’s why I’d like to suggest you make a point of owning page one on Google for your own name, if possible. So how do you accomplish this? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a blog with a URL in your own name (e.g. DeonReynders.com or ReyndersBrothers.com) and post to it regularly. If you notice that there are many others with your name, you have to become creative and add a second initial or some prefix to your name to make it different. Try something like  ‘WhoIsJohnSmith.com’, ‘JohnJSmith.com’ or ‘JJSmithEsq’. Be creative.
  • Participate in forums and post replies on relevant blogs, as long as you don’t spam or blatantly advertise
  • Write or co-author a book (real books, not e-books)! This will create hundreds of thousands of search results for your name, over time. More than half the search results on my name seem to come from books I have co-authored
  • Get active on Facebook and Twitter, and similar sites
  • Get people to make nice (short) video testimonials about you, with your name in the title, and have them upload it to YouTube


This will keep you busy for a while. Don’t expect results overnight, just spend a few minutes per week on a regular basis. Do I completely own page one yet? No, not really. When searching on my surname only I encounter fierce competition for position one from a print shop in Holland. I don’t mind, since they’ve been around for a long time, and they are not competition for me. Good on them. For my full name I have no competition at all, and as Reynders Brothers my brother and I have to share page one with one search result from a Funeral Parlor, and two articles about the Belgian minister of finance. Not bad.


Now get going, and have some fun in the process of building a personal web presence.





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