The Best Network Marketing Company to Join.


Best Network Company to JoinThis is probably one of the most frequent questions asked around network marketing on the Internet.  I also agonized about the best network marketing company to join when I started investigating network marketing as a business opportunity.


Now, it is a fact that there are network companies around that appear quite scammy, but you can create a successful home based business with most of the companies that have been around for a while.  In almost all companies you will find leaders that are very successful.


I does appear thus that there is another ingredient to a successful network marketing business other than just the company. You, perhaps?


This is exactly what author and website owner Charles Holmes writes in a post on his website The Ultimate MLM Resource Centre.


What it really boils down to is VALUE. You see, the top earners provide VALUE to the people that join their team. It could be (1) a marketing system, (2) great training, (3) a secret prospecting technique, (4) online marketing strategies, or just about anything else. And until you become a person with a PERCEIVED VALUE, no one will join your team.


I know that might hurt a little bit, but it is the truth. Here are a few things you need to know:


• No one really cares about your company’s compensation plan

• You could succeed or fail with any company

• No product ever “sells itself”

• Compensation Plans are irrelevant if you aren’t generating sales or sponsoring people

• No one really cares about the company’s leadership

• People join (or don’t join) your team because of YOU

• YOU are the key factor in the equation


What people really want to know is “CAN YOU HELP THEM SUCCEED.” Because if you can’t, you will be just like every other struggling network marketer, who is begging people to join their team.


And if you are new to the industry, you need to team up with the right person.


To find the best network marketing company, I would look for a company with products you VALUE and would like to share with others.


But here’s the most important thing. Once you find a great company, you should spend a good amount of time looking for a potential sponsor who can help you succeed.


I would like to add my thoughts to Charles’ view. I fully agree that to be a top earner you have to become the person he describes.  The best network marketing company to join would then be one with a product and culture that you feel comfortable in promoting.


I also think that when just starting to recruit it is important that the company has a complete marketing system that you can utilize.  That is: Training, coaching, assistance in getting leads (a coop), and assistance in closing prospects.

You use the availability of that system to recruit new members, while you are still learning new skills and growing in confidence.



To your success


Deon and Johan Reynders





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