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What are the fundamental factors that have to be in place for you to have your own successful online home business? It turns out to be that these are all in the mind – your mindset.


Firstly, there is the question of “why”. Why do you want to start your own online business? What would that change? What didn’t you have with your present job? Is it more time with your family? More freedom? Better working conditions? The possibility of more money? More free time? The satisfaction of doing your own thing?


It is quite possible that it is a combination of these issues, but you have to get clear on why you are starting your online business. Having an understanding of your reasons will provide the motivation and drive for you to achieve your business goals and build up a successful business. It will help you move through obstacles carry on regardless of the fact that you may feel “not up to it” at times. It will fuel your enthusiasm and empower you to achieve extraordinary results.


The second factor is belief. You must believe that it is possible for you to succeed in your online business. If you do not believe this, you will not succeed!


So, if we have no track record of succeeding online, or in any own business for that matter, is it possible for us to believe?


This can be done by simply observing what other people are achieving online. Even having a superficial look around on the Internet will help you realize that there are numerous people, ordinary people like you and me, making money online. These entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and stories about rags to riches abound.


All you need to do is to check what the successful people are doing, adjust that for your circumstances, and get to work. You’ll find that most successful people online got to that situation not by being some genius, but by choosing a successful business plan, getting to work, and persistence.


You must be willing to let go and take the plunge. We all have a built-in fear of failure and thus want to be sure of success and safety before we take action. We end up planning and learning and do not get to the action part. This is referred to as paralysis by analysis. Unfortunately, in life, circumstances are never perfect, and we never know enough, or have sufficient experience.


The best way is to start taking action and learn and adjust along the way. It is like a missile being fired at a moving target. It knows what the target is (clear goal), but at the instant of being fired, does not know the exact path of getting to it. As it moves toward the target, it adjusts it own path continuously until it reaches it.


Get into action! Do not waste time and opportunity. The only way to really learn and master online skills is to start moving and be part of the game.


Posted by Johan.


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