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Stop getting Frustrated when Creating new Blog PostsI’m sure the following scenario is familiar to a lot of you. You decide to write a post for your blog. You start up your trusty computer, open a word processor, and after some blank moments, decide on a topic and start banging away at the keyboard.


This develops into a type of start-stop affair and after many re-workings (and a long time) your post is ready (sort of) to be published. But it is not really what you had in mind in terms of quality. Frustration!


So, how can you stop getting frustrated when creation blog posts? By being methodical. How?

According to Kraig Stewardson in his guest post on, he has learnt the hard way.  In the following excerpt he spells out his new methodical approach and the way he benefited from using it. The complete article is available here.



  • Step 2: Create outline (ten minutes, tops). The outline is the key to the whole post. What issue are you trying to solve, or what are you trying to get the reader to do? Create an abbreviated version of the outline:
    • Set the scene and get their attention
    • Detail the problem
    • What is your solution?
    • How do you implement it?


  • Step 3: Fill in blanks in the outline by writing the article. Since you have an outline, and you had to think about what you wanted to say, this part is as simple as write what comes naturally to you.


  • Step 4: Wait at least a half-day, then re-read, fix grammar, and publish. When you come back and re-read the stuff you wrote previously, you’ll likely realize that what you wrote doesn’t make as much sense as you initially thought. As a side benefit, you will catch grammar issues and typos.


The training program expanded on this and went into great detail as to how and why this is incredibly effective.

How much time did I spend on my first post using the new way? About 45 minutes total. Oh, and it was 1100 words long.


Gaining confidence

As the old cliché goes, nothing breeds success like success. As I see my posts getting better, the writing coming more easily, and my traffic increasing, my desire to post more has also returned with a vengeance. In the first week following the course, my list of post ideas has tripled and I now look forward to writing posts on my own blog.

  • My writing has improved.
  • My traffic has increased dramatically.
  • I am starting to get some key guest posting opportunities.
  • Most importantly, I feel energized to post more.


Certainly, being methodical like Kraig proves to be the solution to stop getting frustrated when creating blog posts.  And what about all those other positive spin-offs – confidence, improved technique, and more readers!



To your blogging success


Deon and Johan Reynders





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