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Thousands of people all over the world start their own MLM business each year.  The main drawcards are the very high possible earnings, and the relatively low startup costs.


Unfortunately the industry also experiences a very high failure rate. A large percentage of MLM businesses fail during the first few months.  One of the main reasons for this is a lack of dedication.  Many people believe a MLM business to be a sort of  “get rich quick” scheme.  On the contrary, it is like any other business, where one will be rewarded for your effort, after some time.


Another reason is the problems people experience in the transition from employee to entrepreneur.  As an employee, people are used to do as they are told.  Now suddenly, they have to think for themselves and learn new skills.  Many have to master the skill of marketing for the first time.


To make that transition one needs the desire to succeed and a willingness to learn.  The MLM business is not rocket science and anyone with the aforementioned mindset is bound to succeed.


Let us take a look at some of the advantages of a MLM business.





With a traditional day job the biggest disadvantage is the lack of freedom.  You exchange your time for money and are at the mercy of your employer as to when you should be at work.  The employer also dictates where you have to work.


Starting your own traditional business has the same limitations to a certain extent.  Your customers now become your “employer” and you can find that you work even longer hours.


A MLM business removes these limitations.  At the outset of starting your MLM business you can choose where you want to work, which amount of time you want to dedicate to your business, and with whom you want to work.


You can even choose your own style of operating your business. You many choose a one-on-one approach, working with groups of people, using the phone, or utilizing the Internet.



High possible earnings.


With a MLM business it is almost a case of the “sky is the limit”.  You will have to work for it, but if you build up a big organization, the income potential is huge. This is unlike a job where you are stuck with pay according to the job you perform, and not your (and your team’s) production.



Low startup cost


Most franchises will set you back $100k or more to start.  On top of that you have to pay (from day one) employee salaries, property rental, insurance, inventory, and a whole list of other items.


Most of the time one can start a MLM business for around $500 from the comfort of your own home, with no employees!  This is a huge difference in affordability and business risk.



Low operating costs.


With a MLM business you do not require a shop front, or business premises with the associated costs.  With most MLM opportunities you also do not need to carry inventory, as the MLM company will dropship the items to the customer.





Modern voice and text technology has made it possible for us to have a virtual office. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can run you MLM business using your laptop and/or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Yes, even when you are on vacation!


Duplication and Leverage.


With a MLM business you can duplicate your efforts by building up a strong downline team.  Your team is independent individuals, not employees.  With a traditional business such a team will be very costly to employ.


You are thus leveraging the efforts of your MLM team to increase your income.


Residual income.


Apart from high possible earnings, most people are attracted to start a MLM business by the possibililty of residual income.  Residual income is when you receive a percentage of the sales generated by your downline. It is also referred to as passive income. The income is generated without continious direct effort by yourself and is the result of duplication and leverage.



All of the best!





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