MLM LeadsIs purchasing MLM Leads a good or bad strategy?


You’ll often hear the remark that  leads are the lifeblood of a MLM business.  Indeed, the more leads you have access to, the better your chances of people joining your team.


There are basically only two ways to get hold of MLM leads – purchasing them or generating them yourself.  The quality of any lead that you generate yourself is usually higher than those purchased.  Why?


Purchased MLM leads are generally generic.  Lead vendors target people interested in an Internet business or home business in general.  With your own MLM leads people usually optin from your website, meaning they show an interest in your particular opportunity, or believe that you can personally assist them to achieve their objectives.


So, are purchased MLM leads all bad?  The answer is “no”, as long as you know what you are letting yourself in for.


Close to all leads are generated on the Internet, because it is much more cost effective than using newspapers and magazines, flyers, radio and TV, etc.  People searching the Internet for business or income opportunities would land on websites set up by MLM lead vendors.  These sites provide some information, but then request the person to fill out a form with personal details in order to receive additional information.


This seems quite innocent, but little does the person knows that he/she has now become a MLM lead, of which the contact information will be sold, and may be sold again, and sometimes again.  Some of these websites use incentives to get people to submit their details. They would offer the possibilities of winning prizes such as cruises, TV’s, iPads, or whatever. These MLM leads will be the lowest quality, because many leads will not have any interest in your opportunity, or won’t even remember that they requested info, should you contact them.


Other sites use a method called co-registration, whereby a person would be presented with a list of business publications to receive.  By indicating their willingness to receive such publications, they land up on several lead lists.


Leads are at their best when they are fresh. Some unscrupulous MLM lead vendors sell recycled leads.  These vendors take leads a few months old (often previously sold) and present them as new.  Other vendors harvest leads from websites on the Internet. They use software to visit certain websites with user databases and collect as much user information as possible. These MLM leads can be very untargeted.


All lead vendors have overheads and they have to cover this and show a profit by selling the leads.  Often, more like always, the price that marketers are willing to pay does not allow vendors to make a profit per lead. They then get around this by selling the lead more than once. This can lead to overselling.  The MLM lead is sold to multiple marketers and by the time your contact the lead, the person is at breaking point having been contacted many times within a short period.  Should this ever happen to you it is best to contact those leads, say, after a month. By that time, if they may have cooled down and could be interested in your proposal.


It is generally accepted in the lead industry that selling a lead 2-3 times is still OK.  MLM leads are seldom exclusive (sold only to one marketer).  Such leads are usually generated by coops, whereby you would join a group of marketers who pool their money to buy ads.  The leads are then divided amongst the marketers in proportion to their monetary contribution.


You are bound to ask at this stage if there is anything good about purchased MLM leads.  For marketers just starting out it will be difficult, or take some time, to generate their own leads in large enough quantities. Purchasing some MLM leads could a viable alternative, if you have the funds available.


Researching the vendor is required, though.  Check with the vendor how their eads are generated and distributed.  See if you can find any reviews of the vendor’s service on other sites, such as forums and blogs.


Hope the aforementioned provides a better understanding of what is involved with purchasing MLM leads.


To your success





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