The growth, reach and speed of the Internet are truly astounding!  It has really empowered the ordinary people of this world by educating and informing. It has also allowed large numbers of people to voice their opinion and so effect change. Too bad for some of the “elites” who love control to protect their positions.
The following infographic from illustrates how the Internet empowers us

Power to the Online People







Today we revisit our comic superheroes for some more lessons.  What can our superheroes teach us about starting a new business?


Jason Nazar has penned the following 10 superhero lessons for startup companies in order to be successful.  Jason is the co-founder and CEO of Docstoc, an online document depository.



Superheroes Never Give Up

Like Batman, you have to keep pressing on to the very last breath. Challenges are overcome by wholeheartedly committing to unrelenting persistence.


Superheroes Always Get the Job Done

There are no excuses if you don’t save the girl from the burning house. There are just results, not reasons, you either save the day or you don’t. Gray area is for Kafka not comic heros.


Superheroes Are the Best at What They Do

Flash is the fastest and we all know it. . If you’re the back end… Continue reading



Can we learn what it takes to be successful in marketing from our superhero comic book characters?  If seems that if we look at the traits of great marketers, these superheros can indeed be a source of inspiration.


Matthew Branson from the marketing agency Blueglass gives us his take on the shared traits of marketers and comic superheroes in an article on the company website. We feature the main points in the following section.




1. Fearlessness


Any serious superhero should be without fear.  Ignoring it isn’t enough.  Instead, superheroes transform what would be their fear into something positive and actionable.  They choose to act rather than be bogged down by their own self-imposed limits.


We can learn from this as marketers.  How often do we tell ourselves that we “can’t” do something due to our own hesitations?… Continue reading


Risky Backlinks


Yes, backlinks still do count after all the Google updates and slaps. But not all backlinks are created equal.  In fact, some type of backlinks can actually harm you.


Super affiliate Matt Carter gives us the following selection of backlinks that he would consider risky backlinks and are best to avoid:



Too Much of the Same Anchor Text

As I mentioned above, you need to make sure you mix up your anchor text for your links. I use the same anchor text only about 20 % of the time these days. I even make sure some of my links have no HTML and are just the URL itself. I will also throw in the odd spelling mistake on purpose. You might want to check out my recent post of keywords in regards to this.


Links on Blog Comments and Forum Profiles

These kind… Continue reading

Negative Thoughts


We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha


Do you feel stuck in an area of your life – business or personal?  Time to sit down and examine your thoughts. Two days ago we had a look at what could be stopping us pursuing our passion(s) in life (Following Your Passion). Today we feature some negative thoughts that keep us stuck, courtesy of Mark and Angel from their inspiring website Marc and Angel Hack Life.


  1.  “My past is indicative of my future.” – Do not judge failed attempts and mistakes as an indication of your future potential, but as part of the growth process.  Something does not have to end well for it to have been one of the most valuable experiences of a… Continue reading

Increase Web Traffic


We all realize that web traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.  The gurus used to tell everybody just to “put it up and they will come”. The problem is that it takes some time before “they” come and it does not always happen automatically.


Known ways to get around this is to create guest posts for some well-visited blogs, be active on forums in your niche, etc.  Anything new?


Well, John Brandon, contributing editor at Inc. magazine has come up with a few ideas to increase web traffic to your site.



1. Pay pennies for YouTube views.

The concept of paying for ads (à la Google Adwords) has been around for years. One new technique, though, is to pay for YouTube viewers. is one option. You can post a video, and then pay about one penny per view. The idea… Continue reading




Many of us (if not most) have a secret unfulfilled passion in life. Something we’d love to do and experience. Something that excites us and gives meaning to your lives.


But most of the time these passions get buried under “things to do”, grinding away at an unfulfilling job, fear, and a myriad of other “excuses”.


Some of these reasons for not following your passion are self-created; others come from other, often well-meaning, people. Henry Junttila, owner of, writes about 8 lies that stop us from following our passion.



1. It’s Going to Be Obvious
Just because you know what you’re passionate about does not mean that you’ll instantly know what to do.


In fact, often the opposite is true.


You’ll become afraid, because now you have to take action. Now you have to face your fears and move forward.… Continue reading

Dream Killers


I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that every person on this planet has dreams about a more fulfilling future. Some dream small and others on a grand scale. It is thus sad to think that many, if not most, of these wonderful dreams never come to fruition.


Most of us find realizing our dreams somewhat of a challenge, because there always things that seem to stand in our way. Let’s call them for what they can be – dream killers.


Justin Harmon, who writes for Unplugged Recreated took stock of his own experiences and wrote a blog post about these dream killers – and how to avoid them. We take a look at some of my favorite ones.





We all know this one very well. “Whatever, you’ll never be able to do that. Come back to reality.” Sound familiar? Just… Continue reading

Luck and SuccessHow are luck and success connected?


We usually hear conflicting stories about how people became successful. On the ones side there is: “She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth”, or “He had a lucky break – that’s all”.  On the other hand some say “You create your own luck”.


Craig Ballantyne, editor for has the following interesting viewpoint.


Luck has been in my corner since day one back in 1975.


I was extraordinarily lucky to be born in Canada into a lower-middle class family. Lucky enough to have been educated in the years of the first home computer, to have come of age as the first Internet generation, and to have stumbled across the convergence of direct marketing and online e-commerce before everyone and their uncle knew about it.


When I was a child I was lucky enough to have… Continue reading