Online Strategies for small BusinessesIt is imperitive for small businesses to establish an online presence and to do business online.  Apart from losing out on potential sales, your direct competitors that do go online are bound to overtake you and leave you behind.


There are various online strategies for small businesses, ranging from SEO to media buying, from almost free to quite expensive.  Today we look at three of these stragegies highlighted by Atwoodz Incorporated on their website .  The complete article is available here.


Be Social! Be! Be! Social!

Social media is your next best, and usually free, bet for reaching you target market. Again, this can be dependent on the type of business you are, but using social media has ALWAYS shown to be beneficial. One of the keys to successful social media is to not just talk about your business, or focus on “pitches” i.e. “come check out our new…”, or “get 10 percent off of …,” one rule of thumb is if it sounds like an advertisement don’t post it, because it is annoying to potential clients. Americans, in general, have an aversion to advertisements, and when we feel bombarded, especially in an area like Facebook, or our mobile phones that we view as personal and private, it’s like an evasion of privacy. The best strategy is to figure out what your target market is interested in and talk about that, offering advice, answering questions, and being a tastemaker or an experienced resource.



E-mail blasts and e-mail marketing are relatively inexpensive ways to reach your target audience to remind them who you are, what you are up to, and if you have any specials or promotions going on. E-blasts should be sent to people who you know are interested in what you are offering such as current or past clients, and Opt-in’s etc. Individuals, who have opted-in, especially new opt-ins, tend to have high open rates.  Sending too many e-mails can annoy people, and is considered spam.  Plus nobody likes it! Being reported as a spammer will get you black listed; permanently. When integrated with other marketing channels such as social media, email marketing has strong potential for ROI.



Blogging is our final topic! We promise! Websites with newly generated content gets crawled by spiders, and the more content your website has the better!  -Which is why blogging is so important!  If you create a website and never update it, it loses its momentum. Think of your personal Facebook or Twitter account, when you comment to your friends, family and followers, and make regular status updates, they reciprocate by commenting back; if you don’t do these things, they won’t either, because they want to engage with people who they know also want to be engaged. So, think of spiders as your Facebook friends, if your website doesn’t ever update, they will never stop by to search it.  And if they do, it will be deemed outdated.  By updating your site, with quality, useful, and unique content the spiders will crawl and index often. Similarly to Facebook, what you right about should be useful and engaging, and about what potential clients, patients, or customers find value in.


For us, these are three of the most effective online strategies for small businesses. Guess what, they do not cost you an arm or a leg.


Just be sure not to go overboard when using the social strategies.  Almost all people hate spamming!  Heed the cautions contained in the article.


What is your take on this?



To your success


Deon and Johan Reynders





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