Online Marketing SuccessIs online marketing success as easy to achieve as some would like you to believe?


One of the biggest fallacies doing the rounds is that it’s easy to make money on the Internet. Note the emphasis on the word ‘easy’. You know…without any marketing experience you buy this magical $27 software that will, overnight, deliver hordes of buyers with money in hand to your website. And by the end of the year you’ll fly your corporate jet to the Bahamas for a vacation. Yeah…dream on!


There is nothing wrong with that dream; it’s quite attainable. I it’s just going to take a little longer, cost a little more, and require a little more dedication.

You need experience


In my previous life I used to be an Electrical Engineer, and I’m still doing a bit of consulting. It took me five grueling years of undergraduate studies, plus another two years of part-time studies towards an honors degree, plus another year of full-time studies for my MBA (working in excess of 100 (yes, one hundred) hours a WEEK during my MBA year) and a cumulative total of almost 40 years postgraduate experience  to get me where I am now in the Engineering world. And though I’d daresay that I am pretty damn good at what I do now, I am still humbled by all the stuff I don’t know.


About four years ago I turned to Internet Marketing on a part-time basis, as I realized it was the ‘way to go’. Countless hours, headaches, frustration, and thousands of dollars  later I am still learning, though I seem to have mastered a lot. At least now I can write an article and get it to page one in Google. Yet that does not make me a ‘guru’, nor a millionaire (yet).


Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. – Albert Einstein


I am not saying it takes forty years to become good at anything. But the estimates are 6-10 years or around 10,000 hours (you can Google it). Yes, ten thousand. This is true of engineering, marketing, flying, sailing, painting, singing…name it, you’ve got it. This assumes that you have some talent for what you are doing. Less talent; more time needed. More talent, a little less time. Get the idea? So start developing your online marketing expertise and enjoy every small success…but remember that neither Rome nor online marketing success was built in a day.


You need some money


To start any business you need some capital. Now we as individuals don’t all have access to the same amount of seed money. If you are a professional and would like to replace your income from a corporate source with online income, be ready to invest.  For marketing ‘top tier’ products I’d say $10,000-$20,000. We are talking about a business here.


On the other hand you might want to start the online stuff as a hobby, in which case you could get away with cheap hosting and an Aweber account.  These may set you back around $30 per month. But then you have to rely on free traffic, and that online marketing success will take a while to transpire.


You need some available time to pursue your online aspirations


Full-time means 40+ hours a week. Part-time means 20+ hours a week (e.g. if you also have a 9-5 job).  5+ hours a week means you are conducting a hobby. That, in itself, is not bad…just understand that the more time you put in, the sooner you will ‘arrive’.  And vice versa.


 You need perseverance


This one is more important than the monetary aspect. Success will come. After six months, a year, two years, three years. Whenever. You don’t quit. Never never never never ever. And for this you need incredible, dogged, persistence.


Okay, let me stop sermonizing. For exploring additional ways to achieve online marketing success you should go here.  If you really want online marketing success, go and get it!




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