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Why market your MLM Business Online?


You may have been dabbling around with MLM for a few months, well maybe even a few years, and the novelty is wearing off.  Maybe you have exhausted your warm list of friends and relatives with not much luck. Now you think about marketing your MLM business online. Smart move!


Size.  The Internet is vast. As of December 2011 there are over 2.2 billion people online all over the world.  You have access to all these people by marketing your MLM business online.  Yes, the majority will not be interested in your product, but  that certainly beats hanging around the entrance or parking lot of supermarkets, hoping to hand out a leaflet to some unsuspecting person.


Efficiency.  It is cheaper generating leads online for your MLM business than any other method, such as printed media and phone calls.  One can reach thousands of potential prospects for pennies.  Spending less time marketing means that you can spend more time with your family, or doing whatever you love to do – what is one of the major things most people desire.


Targeted.  By marketing you MLM business online you can target people that are actively looking for your opportunity, or at least for your type of opportunity.  By doing SEO (search engine optimization) you can target the exact search terms people are typing into their browsers, thereby putting your information in front of receptive eyes.  With paid advertising you can even target people according to demographics, income brackets, interests, etc. Try doing that offline!


Flexible.  There are various ways that you can market your MLM business online – to suit your type of personality.  If you like writing, then article marketing or blogging will suit you. More outgoing personalities will enjoy making videos and posting them on blogs and video sites like Youtube.  More social types will be attracted to the social sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.


Branding.  By doing your MLM business online you can brand yourself rather than your company.  We all know that “prophets are not honored in their own back yard”.  By consistently publishing good content over a period of time and letting your own personality come through, you can brand yourself as a leader, notwithstanding any past track record. People tend to join leaders that can help them in their own endeavors, rather than impersonal companies.


Automation.  By using the Internet you can put a great deal of marketing your MLM business on autopilot. Your website is up and running 24/7 and your message is available to people across the globe.  When people opt in to your email list you can send them preloaded messages even when you are on holiday!


Viral.  People on the Internet love to share information and news.  If you consistently put out interesting content and especially make good use of the Social Media, your message can get distributed far and wide.


In conclusion, is taking your MLM business online as easy as it seems to be?  Unfortunately not. It will take some hard work and persistence, but using the Internet will multiply the results of your marketing efforts far beyond your expectations!


To your success



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