Integrity in Online Marketing.


Integrity in Online BusinessAs online marketers, don’t we come across the following lines all the time.  The gurus have all lied to you, it is not your fault, buy this pushbutton software and you will go from rags to riches in one day.


You might well ask:  Where is the integrity in online marketing?


While it is important to put your product in the best possible light and rave about its benefits, if your product cannot deliver on the promises, it will come back to haunt you.  Primarily because of the Internet the world is now a rather small place.  There are numerous ways in which disgrunted users can give vent to their frustrations.


Lisa Cutter, even though a self-confessed idealist, has the following practical guidines on the topic of integrity in online marketing,  Read the full article here.


Don’t you hate it when you–an accomplished, intelligent human being– are treated like pea-brained nitwit who can’t make a purchasing decision without first having a bunch of honey-coated persuasion poured down your throat? Me too. Marketers should know this, especially with the abundance of user review resources today. Shoppers are smart, and they deserve a little respect. British advertising Guru David Ogilvy once said, “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.”


All of the terrible ads out there that exaggerate effectiveness or replace showing any real use of the product with tear-jerking appeal to emotion are like the spammy SEO companies that give us a bad name. Oh, sure, the Internet is vast and limitless, why not just fill it with link farms and spam blog comments and useless drivel. Just like how the Earth is infinite so we can fill it with zillions of in-your-face billboards and signs and flashing lights. Oh, wait.


Here’s the thing. There is good marketing and advertising.  Here is, in my opinion, the ingredient list for a solid marketing/advertising campaign:

  1. A product or service that is useful/quality.
  2. Honest information about the product or service.
  3. An arsenal of marketing knowledge.
  4. Willingness to take risks to be different (while remaining honest).
  5. The ability to think/execute simply and efficiently (e.g. no fluff in your on-site content).
  6. Client-marketer trust. The marketer must make an effort to understand their client; the client must be willing to trust that the marketer knows the best way to proceed.
  7. Honesty makes the list twice–it’s just that important. Don’t join the fine-print, smoke-in-mirrors, treat-your-customers-like-suckers club. Be transparent, open, and helpful. If you can’t be 100% honest about your product then perhaps it’s time to make some improvements.


As online marketers we are bound to fail if we do not treat our customers with respect.  We do this by offering products with value and honestly communicating its usefulness and capabilities.  In a nutshell:  Restore the integrity in online marketing.



To your success


Deon and Johan Reynders






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