Early in 2012 Google spokesperson Matt Cutts announced that Google will endeavor to penalize sites that use over optimized SEO to get good SERP (search engine results pages) rankings.  Over optimized SEO meaning web owners stuffing their site content with keywords and creating artificial backlinks in order for their content to rank for the particular keywords.


Although many Internet marketers are crying foul, Google is only looking after its own interests by ensuring it stays the preferred search engine.  Keyword stuffing leads to inferior content and ultimately to a bad user experience.


Deny Saputra, from, shares her views on how to avoid over optimized SEO.



Is This the End of SEO?


Punk and metal might be dead but not definitely SEO. The Goggle’s banshee cries are only about over optimized SEO techniques and over optimized sites or blogs.


 Cutts clarified that SEO techniques that marketers have been using will stay around because they are undeniably useful. He said they make the internet “crawlable” and they make the sites more accessible. So it seems that white hat wearers have to fear nothing at all.



Black Hat: Over Optimized SEO


White hat is good. Black hat is bad. And although some may complain that this sounds like stereotyping and racism, these are really the two categories of SEO. The former is the sort that employs no deception, sticks to a search engine’s rules, gives you what you need to know and refers you other helpful sites. The black hat is the opposite and it’s what over optimized blogs are wearing. Over optimized SEO is definitely a black hat. Soon enough this terrible faux pas will die once Goggle is through with its algorithm.


It seems Goggle is serious in playing the hero (which is the good thing) but there is absolutely no reason to panic unless you are running over optimized blogs. If what you have is low-ranking but legit and view worthy, it’s safe and sound.



How To Avoid Over Optimized SEO and Over Optimized Blogs


As mentioned earlier, SEO is an important and indispensable aspect of internet search. However, your parents are right: anything is bad when overdone. To keep out of Goggle’s shunning and ill-favor, here are the basic steps:


  • Do not over-stuff with keywords

SEO relies on keyword density use. It means it can calculate the degree of your web content’s relevance to a search by how many times a keyword appears. An over optimized SEO or black hat (you know what that means now, don’t you?) will saturate its content with those keywords. You’ll pretty much be reading a lengthy article with little help. An ideal keyword density is said to be only between 1% to 3%.


  • No link toxicity

Aside from content, search engines’ algorithms judge your web page’s rank by popularity. You are popular when you link is posted in many other web sites.Likewise, you’ll get higher in ranking when you post other links in your web site. This move is supposed to help the users over optimized SEO strategists will fill their webpage with futile, irrelevant links and hyperlinks.


  • Don’t Tolerate Over Optimized Blogs

If you spot what seems to be an over optimized blog, get out of there! Some theorizes that the length of time you’re staying with a site affect its ranking. Don’t even add a link of an over optimized blog on your own site. It makes you seem like an accessory to the crime.


  •  Site Goodness: Mean It

It seems safer to be genuinely kind. Don’t deceive users by appearing to be helpful when all you want are views. Ironically, the more you want visits so desperately that you use over optimized SEO, the less likely you will get it.



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It certainly does not pay any more to over optimize SEO.  It is just a waste of time as our content will rank badly, or not at all.  If we want to our content ranked, we have to play by Google’s rules and avoid over optimized SEO.



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