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With so many things screaming for your attention during the day, how do you keep focus in you Online Business?


For thousands of years the focus of humans was directed by nature. Nature dictated when to sow and reap and life proceeded at quite a leisurely pace. With the industrial revolution this all changed!


Come the present age, all of us are daily bombarded by so much information that vies for our attention, that we can easily feel stressed and overwhelmed. We try to focus somewhat on everything, with the result that we do not really focus on anything.


When we are working from home on our online business, there are plenty of distractions that “demand” our attention: family, friends, television, mail, household chores – to name a few. Technology is there to assist us, but can easily become the biggest distracter. We feel we have to respond to mobile calls, email, tweets, instant messaging, and so on.


I have found that the following help to keep the focus from day to day:


The Why.  Why did you decide to start an online business and work from home? To make more money? To spend more time with your children? To escape from a boring job? To stop working for someone else? Always remind yourself of the reason for going on your own and let this be your driving force. If you do not, circumstances will start to dictate your progress.


The Reward. Whatever the primary reason for starting your online business, the business still needs to bring in money. Remember that the income produced is proportional to your efforts.


Family. If you have to deal with family during the day, schedule your activities around that as much as possible. Try to put in a certain amount of work hours a day to cater for interruptions.


Friends. Let friends know that certain hours of the day are business hours and that they can come and socialize “after hours”.


Plan during the previous evening. Plan your activities for the day the night before. “Sleeping” on your goals is a good way to mentally prepare you for the day ahead.


Plan your day in detail. Allocate times for certain tasks. All of us are a bit “slow” during certain times of the day. Mine is early afternoon! Do your creative tasks during other times and do “housekeeping” chores, like filing, checking email, making calls, going to the corner shop, etc., during your “slow” time.


Pace. Keep a steady pace throughout the day and take sufficient short breaks to keep up the energy levels.


Set time limits. Deadlines do motivate – just remember to take them seriously. I find that it is also better to stop doing a particular task when time is up and continue with something else. If not, the task can drag on and one ends up feeling frustrated by not attending to other matters.


Start right. Start with a good breakfast and some quiet time, during which you can visualize the successful completion of the day ahead.
To be successful in our online business, as with anything important to us in life, we have to focus. As they say, energy flows where focus goes, and without sufficient energy, our efforts will fizzle out. We need to take control; otherwise we will put our destiny in to other people’s hands.
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