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We often hear the phrase “Do what you love and the money will come” by well-meaning motivational speakers, or people who are doing just that.


Fact of the matter is, if you look deeper you will undoubtedly discover that the successful people are very good at whatever they love doing. They have found that perfect match. In many cases we are not that good at what we love doing. Not sufficiently good that people will part with their money.


Marketing consultant and small business expert, John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing), maintains that in order to develop a passion for your work, you first have to work to get good at it. John elaborates in the following paragraphs.



You do this by continuously studying, practicing and stretching.




In business you can’t ever stop studying, it just must be on your to do list somewhere. This includes reading some combination of about 50 books a year, subscribing to and scanning 100 or so blogs and selectively attending conferences to gain exposure to new and bigger ideas.


I believe that you find purpose and passion in work by coming to recognize patterns – patterns in your own thinking, patterns in what customers want and need, patterns in how winning products and services are created, patterns in successful business models, patterns in compelling stories – consuming content, especially content and ideas from outside your industry is how you get very good at pattern recognition.


Further Reading – The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander




Business people always just perform, the rarely practice, particularly after they develop a level of competence. Speakers that rise to the highest fees practice far more than they perform. They participate in groups that push them and offer feedback, they have every aspect of their speech picked apart and reconstructed, they learn how to find and tell better stories, they hire coaches and they stand in front of the mirror and rehearse hour upon hour for a 30 minute presentation.


So, what does intentional practice look like in your business? How do you get better at your craft? How do figure out where you are, where you’re weak and where you can excel?


Further Reading – So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport




This is perhaps that place where excellence and proficiency, passion and passing part most. Those who discover work they truly love and then stretch far beyond their comfort level at every turn are those that stand that greatest chance of following their passion and finding the money.


Once you get “good” at what you love, you need to find a way to push yourself back out where you are terribly uncomfortable again or you’ll stop growing. Again, I believe this is the place where far too many people give and settle because this can be a pretty scary place.


See, once we get good at something, we tend to enjoy it more, so now I’m suggesting that you must deliberately make it hard again.





This is something a lot (read most) of online gurus fail to mention to newbies to the industry. As in any business, it takes effort and dedication to become good, even if you love your particular niche.


Deon and Johan Reynders



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