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Almost all new Internet marketers suffer from information overload at some time.  Eager to learn and find a way to make money online, they get bombarded with strategies and products from all over.


Let’s face it, there is a lot of information to take in, and as the Internet landscape is very dynamic, one has to learn and adapt all the time. But how does one cope, especially with a day job and family?


Peter Garety from offers the following advice on dealing with information overload.



Step #1 – Identify what is the biggest, most important thing that can help your business the most.


It doesn’t matter in what stage your business is, you need to find the most important things that will help to grow your business. Information overload is a big problem because you do not have a clear vision where are you going.


Once you will identify the most important things that you need to do in order to achieve results in your business, the information overload issue will disappear. The reason for it is that you will be so focused on things that can help you right away, that you will become blind to see anything else.


It happened to me about a year ago and since then I see consistent progress in my business and my life.


Now, if we go back to the most important things in online marketing, then usually those are three things – customer getting activities, content creation or networking with potential partners.


So, make sure to identify those things before you do anything else.


Step #2 – Set goals based on most important things


Once you identified the things that will help your business the most, you need to set a goal for each of it. As a goal, it should be specific and tangible, because you need to be able to see your progress.


For example, you can set this kind of goal – get 50 unique visitors per day within next 30 days; make 5 sales per day or week, etc..


Step #3 – Set a specific time for your business


I know that you have a busy life with regular job and family commitments, but online business like any other business requires daily responsibilities. Therefore, you need to set a time – specifically, which you can divide for your online business.


It can be early in the morning or late in the evening, but make sure you set a specific time, which you will spend daily for your online business.


It is very important that you divide this time in 50-60 minute chunks, which will be the time you spend on one task only. It is critical to your success to learn to work with one task without interruption, as this is what ensures the productivity and results.


So, if you want results, you need to discipline yourself to work on one task without interruption.


Step #4 – Daily Goal Cards


So far, you have created two things – you have specific tasks that contribute to your business the most, and you have a specific time that you will spend for your business.


Now, you can link both together in specific daily goal cards.


In order to do it, you need to define what kind of tasks you will be doing each day.


For example, let’s say that you will work on your business for 3 hours in the evening on Monday. So, this means that you have 2 hours and 30 minutes that you can spend on your business, as you need 10-15 minute break after each hour.


So, now you need to figure out what kind of activities you will be doing for each hour and 30 minutes that will contribute to your business the most.


Once you are sure about that, print out a Monday Goal Card with all the tasks listed on it. Make sure it is in a business card format, so that you can carry it in your pocket. This will remind you about the task, so that you can mentally prepare for it during the day.


Create a Daily Goal Card for each day – 7 days a week.


Step #5 – Build Routines and Habits


The final step is to train your mind and character to build these routines and habits, so that within next 30 days or so, you can do these things automatically.


I challenge you to start to implement these methods today and track results after two weeks. You will be amazed by the results which you will get.


You will discover that by focusing on the one activity for each hour, you will get a massive amount of work done that will contribute to your business on a massive scale.



Peter’s original post is available here.


Get a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your online business, set goals, and stick to it.  Yep, focus and discipline is what is required in dealing with information overload.



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