Content Marketing is the Right Thing to Do


Content Marketing is the Right Thing to DoContent marketing is process of generating content, be it in the form of blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc., and sharing it publicly for free. The end objective is to create awareness and to promote your business in order to make sales and generate income.


But why is content marketing the right thing to do?  Consumers do not trust ads on their own any longer. They require more information before making a buying decision.


So, what can content marketing do for you?  Providing quality content can position you as an expert in your field. Readers will start to trust you and be willing to spend money with you.  Google loves good content. If your site contains good content, it could achieve good search engine rankings and future customers will find your site more readily. Lastly, if you give prospects what they are looking for, the sales process can be set into motion and prospects can turn into buyers.


The following infographic gives an interesting visual presentation of how companies are presently using content marketing.



It is obvious that  content marketing is the right thing to do, but are there any drawbacks?  Yes, it takes time.  Time to create the content and also time before content generated result in increased traffic via the search engines.  If you are new to your chosen niche, it may also take some time before you are able to create content that is truly useful


What about the positive side?  If you are an expert in your niche it will be easy to create valuable content. It also does not cost money directly.  Thirdly, in the longer term it is more effective to build credibility and trust than advertising.


To your content creation


Deon and Johan Reynders





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