Do what you Love


We often hear the phrase “Do what you love and the money will come” by well-meaning motivational speakers, or people who are doing just that.


Fact of the matter is, if you look deeper you will undoubtedly discover that the successful people are very good at whatever they love doing. They have found that perfect match. In many cases we are not that good at what we love doing. Not sufficiently good that people will part with their money.


Marketing consultant and small business expert, John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing), maintains that in order to develop a passion for your work, you first have to work to get good at it. John elaborates in the following paragraphs.



You do this by continuously studying, practicing and stretching.




In business you can’t ever stop studying, it just must be… Continue reading



Can we learn what it takes to be successful in marketing from our superhero comic book characters?  If seems that if we look at the traits of great marketers, these superheros can indeed be a source of inspiration.


Matthew Branson from the marketing agency Blueglass gives us his take on the shared traits of marketers and comic superheroes in an article on the company website. We feature the main points in the following section.




1. Fearlessness


Any serious superhero should be without fear.  Ignoring it isn’t enough.  Instead, superheroes transform what would be their fear into something positive and actionable.  They choose to act rather than be bogged down by their own self-imposed limits.


We can learn from this as marketers.  How often do we tell ourselves that we “can’t” do something due to our own hesitations?… Continue reading



Blogging Yourself to Failure

Blogging Yourself to Failure


According to the Pingdom team (royal.pingdom.com) 200 million websites were created worldwide during 2011, pushing up the total number to over 500 million.  Most of the sites would be blogs, meaning that you could face some stiff competition out there.


How are you doing?  Could you maybe be blogging yourself to failure?


There is a lot of information all over the Internet focusing on the positive aspects your blog should have to succeed.  This time we have a look at reasons why your blog could fail.  We are highlighting 10 ways as presented by Nick Thacker from Livehacked.com.



1.  Not having a plan. Your blog just be a business some day, but you should run it like one now. That means spend time writing down your goals (like physically writing them… Continue reading


Online business equipmentWhat Equipment Do I Need To Start An Online Business?


Well, this is an easy one! In this post I will only deal with the hardware; in subsequent articles I will discuss software, services, personal skill-sets and so on.





You will need a PC with a modicum of performance, though there is no need for cutting-edge stuff if you are just starting up. Unfortunately that old ‘AT’ or ‘386’ is not going to cut it, but my 4-year old Toshiba Satellite Pro (which is, judging by its vintage, a collector’s item) is still chugging along.

If you have a Windows machine, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 is still fine. Yes, Vista was a disaster and Windows 7 will slowly take over, but as an active consulting engineer I can vouch for the fact that at this point in time (February 2012), XP SP3… Continue reading