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Take Stock of Your Online Marketing for This Year



Take Stock of Your Online Marketing This YearThe year is speeding past.  Already more than a quarter of the year has passed.  It is surely a good time now to pause and take stock of your online marketing for this year.


It is so easy to get distracted in our online marketing efforts with so many “shiny objects” vying for our attention.  We therefor think the following advice from from Adrianne Machina is very sound.


Adrianne emphasizes the strategy of paying attention to some key elements and to hold oneself accountable for the outcomes.  The article mentiones companies but is equally applicable to a one person online business.  You can find the complete article here.


It is time to make a commitment and hold yourself and your team accountable. FOCUS on what is important, CONNECT with… Continue reading

Web PresenceWhy build a personal web presence?



According to Robert G Allen, in his best-seller ‘Multiple Streams of Internet Income’, there are six major ways in which you can attract eyeballs to your otherwise lonely website.



They are:

  •  Building a personal Web presence
  • Search engines
  • Free and paid ads in the online world
  • Free PR in the online and offline worlds
  • Paid advertising offline
  • Word of ‘mouse’


In this post I will reflect on building a personal Web presence, and over the next few weeks I will comment on the other suggestions as well.


The Market Theatre is a well-known institution in Johannesburg. I did not witness this personally, but years ago a young actor by the name of Sam Marais apparently got permission to bring his piano, plonk it down in the center of the foyer of the Market Theatre and play, free… Continue reading


Online Marketing SuccessIs online marketing success as easy to achieve as some would like you to believe?


One of the biggest fallacies doing the rounds is that it’s easy to make money on the Internet. Note the emphasis on the word ‘easy’. You know…without any marketing experience you buy this magical $27 software that will, overnight, deliver hordes of buyers with money in hand to your website. And by the end of the year you’ll fly your corporate jet to the Bahamas for a vacation. Yeah…dream on!


There is nothing wrong with that dream; it’s quite attainable. I it’s just going to take a little longer, cost a little more, and require a little more dedication.

You need experience


In my previous life I used to be an Electrical Engineer, and I’m still doing a bit of consulting. It took me five grueling years of undergraduate studies, plus… Continue reading