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Do what you Love


We often hear the phrase “Do what you love and the money will come” by well-meaning motivational speakers, or people who are doing just that.


Fact of the matter is, if you look deeper you will undoubtedly discover that the successful people are very good at whatever they love doing. They have found that perfect match. In many cases we are not that good at what we love doing. Not sufficiently good that people will part with their money.


Marketing consultant and small business expert, John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing), maintains that in order to develop a passion for your work, you first have to work to get good at it. John elaborates in the following paragraphs.



You do this by continuously studying, practicing and stretching.




In business you can’t ever stop studying, it just must be… Continue reading



Today we revisit our comic superheroes for some more lessons.  What can our superheroes teach us about starting a new business?


Jason Nazar has penned the following 10 superhero lessons for startup companies in order to be successful.  Jason is the co-founder and CEO of Docstoc, an online document depository.



Superheroes Never Give Up

Like Batman, you have to keep pressing on to the very last breath. Challenges are overcome by wholeheartedly committing to unrelenting persistence.


Superheroes Always Get the Job Done

There are no excuses if you don’t save the girl from the burning house. There are just results, not reasons, you either save the day or you don’t. Gray area is for Kafka not comic heros.


Superheroes Are the Best at What They Do

Flash is the fastest and we all know it. . If you’re the back end… Continue reading



Dealing wih Entrepreneurial Stress

Dealing with Entrepreneurial Stress


Any entrepreneur will be open to stress at times – if not most of the time. It’s all part of being the boss – taking calculated risks, and carrying the responsibility for your actions.


While you may never eradicate it completely, there are measures you can take to improve dealing with entrepreneurial stress.


Today we look at tips from Adam Toren, an award winning author and an entrepreneur.  Adam and his brother Matthew are the owners of


1. De-Clutter

Even if you swear that pile of stuff on your desk really makes sense to you, or your system for filing requires a handbook for anyone else to comprehend; keeping your workspace clutter-free can be a huge stress reliever. Knowing exactly where to find an important invoice or a big client’s phone number immediately will add years to… Continue reading

How to react to negative reviews of your Online Business


How to react to negative reviews of your online businessIt is a well-known fact that it is impossible to please everybody all of the time.  When you are operating online you will, sooner or later, air an opinion that some people disagree with, slip up on service delivery, or deliver a product that is not up to the expectations of a customer.


You could be on the receiving end of negative reviews as comments on your blog or on one of the many social media sites.  The best is to be prepared and decide beforehand how to react to negative reviews of your online business.  It always takes quite a few positive reviews to cancel out a single negative one.


Mikal E. Belicove provides a few good tips on how to react to any negative reviews.  Mikal is an Internet consultant… Continue reading



Online Strategies for small BusinessesIt is imperitive for small businesses to establish an online presence and to do business online.  Apart from losing out on potential sales, your direct competitors that do go online are bound to overtake you and leave you behind.


There are various online strategies for small businesses, ranging from SEO to media buying, from almost free to quite expensive.  Today we look at three of these stragegies highlighted by Atwoodz Incorporated on their website .  The complete article is available here.


Be Social! Be! Be! Social!

Social media is your next best, and usually free, bet for reaching you target market. Again, this can be dependent on the type of business you are, but using social media has ALWAYS shown to be beneficial. One of the keys to successful social media is to not just talk about your business, or focus… Continue reading

Online business swipe fileWhat is an online business swipe file and how can it help us?


A swipe file is a collection of source material that we can use as inspiration to create something new in your online business.  This something can range from a catchy headline for an email to a totally new income stream for our business.


Why is it such a good idea to keep a swipe file?  As children we mainly have our parents and teachers as role models.  The advantage we have as adults is that we have access to, and can learn from, the best experts in all areas of live.  The Internet has contributed immensely to expand our exposure!


For our online business swipe file the idea is not to just copy other people’s work, but to trigger our own creativity.  Our swipe file can also be used… Continue reading


Online business equipmentWhat Equipment Do I Need To Start An Online Business?


Well, this is an easy one! In this post I will only deal with the hardware; in subsequent articles I will discuss software, services, personal skill-sets and so on.





You will need a PC with a modicum of performance, though there is no need for cutting-edge stuff if you are just starting up. Unfortunately that old ‘AT’ or ‘386’ is not going to cut it, but my 4-year old Toshiba Satellite Pro (which is, judging by its vintage, a collector’s item) is still chugging along.

If you have a Windows machine, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 is still fine. Yes, Vista was a disaster and Windows 7 will slowly take over, but as an active consulting engineer I can vouch for the fact that at this point in time (February 2012), XP SP3… Continue reading

Online Business Focus

With so many things screaming for your attention during the day, how do you keep focus in you Online Business?


For thousands of years the focus of humans was directed by nature. Nature dictated when to sow and reap and life proceeded at quite a leisurely pace. With the industrial revolution this all changed!


Come the present age, all of us are daily bombarded by so much information that vies for our attention, that we can easily feel stressed and overwhelmed. We try to focus somewhat on everything, with the result that we do not really focus on anything.


When we are working from home on our online business, there are plenty of distractions that “demand” our attention: family, friends, television, mail, household chores – to name a few. Technology is there to assist us, but can easily become the biggest distracter. We feel we have to… Continue reading