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The Best Network Marketing Company to Join.


Best Network Company to JoinThis is probably one of the most frequent questions asked around network marketing on the Internet.  I also agonized about the best network marketing company to join when I started investigating network marketing as a business opportunity.


Now, it is a fact that there are network companies around that appear quite scammy, but you can create a successful home based business with most of the companies that have been around for a while.  In almost all companies you will find leaders that are very successful.


I does appear thus that there is another ingredient to a successful network marketing business other than just the company. You, perhaps?


This is exactly what author and website owner Charles Holmes writes in a post on his website The Ultimate MLM Resource Centre.


What it really boils down to is… Continue reading

Network MarketingNetwork marketing (MLM or Multi Level Marketing) has been around with us since the 1960’s, but for various reasons quite a few myths still abound.


Some myths are positive, trying to enhance the reputation of network marketing, and others negative, portraying it in a bad light.


One of the myths most often quoted by network marketing distributors is that network marketing is taught at Harvard University.  There is no truth in this statement and it reportedly erroneously stems from an article written by Beverly Nadler during the 1980’s.


The popularity of this myth hinges on the fact that initially network marketing was viewed very suspiciously by the majority of people.  Thus, network marketers loved it because it confirmed to them that they were in a respectable industry, and prospects’ fears were somewhat allayed by the association with a prestigious academic institution.  It seems that… Continue reading

Network MarketingIn this post we take a brief look at whether network marketing is a profitable industry and what it takes to achieve success. We are not looking at a specific opportunity, but network marketing in general.


An online search will reveal that there are many people prospering in network marketing. Some have become exceedingly rich.  But is it attainable for the majority of people looking to start their own home business?


One must remember that it takes a lot of work to start your own home business.  This means a lot more than working for someone else in a job. In a job you get paid at least for meeting a certain minimum standard.  In network marketing, if you do not produce, you get nothing.


So, one has to put in a lot of effort in the beginning and most times not too much… Continue reading

Network Marketing LeverageNetwork Marketing and the Power of Leverage


Utilizing the power of leverage is essential in growing any type of business, but it is particularly relevant with network marketing. Let’s look at the general concept of leverage in business first.


Most entrepreneurs start off on their own –usually because a shortage of funding. But one’s efforts are limited by lack of available time. Only 24 hours in a day, and that is without sleeping!  To grow our business we need more work to be done in the available time, and in the traditional business this is done by getting employees.


Let’s say that you manufacture some kind of gadget and you manage to make 10 gadgets in one day. You then sell these gadgets for $50 each, resulting in sales worth $500 a day. If you get one other person to work as a subcontractor and pay… Continue reading