MLM LeadsIs purchasing MLM Leads a good or bad strategy?


You’ll often hear the remark that  leads are the lifeblood of a MLM business.  Indeed, the more leads you have access to, the better your chances of people joining your team.


There are basically only two ways to get hold of MLM leads – purchasing them or generating them yourself.  The quality of any lead that you generate yourself is usually higher than those purchased.  Why?


Purchased MLM leads are generally generic.  Lead vendors target people interested in an Internet business or home business in general.  With your own MLM leads people usually optin from your website, meaning they show an interest in your particular opportunity, or believe that you can personally assist them to achieve their objectives.


So, are purchased MLM leads all bad?  The answer is “no”,… Continue reading


MLM TipsIn this post I am sharing with you what I consider as essential MLM tips to make your business a success.



MLM Tips No. 1 – Treat your MLM like a business


There is a huge difference in the financial results you achieve between treating MLM as a business or a hobby.  A hobby takes up part of your time and will reward you with satisfaction and joy, but it will cost you money, not generate it.


I am sure you are in MLM to generate income. The only way to do this is to treat it like a business, and be rewarded financially for your time and effort.



MLM Tips No. 2 – Dedicate time to your MLM business


We all live very busy lives – there is no getting away from it.  If you do not plan, and… Continue reading


MLMMLM = Multi Level Marketing = Network Marketing


Although the origin of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) dates back to the 1940’s, it is still today clouded in mystery for a majority of people.  Also known as Network Marketing it frequently gets referred to as “scam” and “pyramid scheme”.


The Structure


Let’s compare the structure of a MLM company with that of a traditional (non-MLM) company.  With a traditional company the sales force exists of a sales manager with sales reps appointed under him/her.  So, there are only 2 levels involved.


As the company grows and sales increase, more sales reps are employed until the number of reps exceeds their manager’s ability to effectively manage them. Additional sales managers are then employed with reps reporting to each of them.  Thus the sales force of the company expands in a horizontal direction.

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MLM Business Online

Why market your MLM Business Online?


You may have been dabbling around with MLM for a few months, well maybe even a few years, and the novelty is wearing off.  Maybe you have exhausted your warm list of friends and relatives with not much luck. Now you think about marketing your MLM business online. Smart move!


Size.  The Internet is vast. As of December 2011 there are over 2.2 billion people online all over the world.  You have access to all these people by marketing your MLM business online.  Yes, the majority will not be interested in your product, but  that certainly beats hanging around the entrance or parking lot of supermarkets, hoping to hand out a leaflet to some unsuspecting person.


Efficiency.  It is cheaper generating leads online for your MLM business than any other method, such as printed media… Continue reading

MLM SuccessLooking for the keys to MLM success?


If you consider joining an MLM opportunity, or have joined one just recently, or have been in MLM for a while without much success, then the following keys may be valuable for you.


By no means does it represent everything that will ensure your MLM success, but in my view they represent the core principles.


A good mentor.  A good mentor is pure gold! Learn all that you can from him/her and you will avoid many pitfalls and be able to cut out a lot of unnecessary trial and error in the pursuit of MLM success. Remember that your mentor is not there do your work, but for guidance and feedback.


If your sponsor is a successful MLM marketer and a good mentor, then you are in luck.  If not, you would be in the same… Continue reading