Stop Living in the Past.


Most of us seem to be hooked on living in the past from time to time. While there is nothing wrong reminiscing about the past, and building on good experiences, it is counterproductive to live in the past.


The past is gone – forever. Craig Jarrow, writing on his blog Time Management Ninja (Timemanagementninja.com), gives us the following compelling reasons as to why we should stop living in the past.



The Past Has Passed


You can’t go back.


Some people think they can.


They live in the past. And they miss the present.


“If you spend all your time looking in the review mirror,

You are bound to miss something that is right in front of you.”


Life is all about living in the now.


The Present Is When Life Happens


Things change.… Continue reading

Negative Thoughts


We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha


Do you feel stuck in an area of your life – business or personal?  Time to sit down and examine your thoughts. Two days ago we had a look at what could be stopping us pursuing our passion(s) in life (Following Your Passion). Today we feature some negative thoughts that keep us stuck, courtesy of Mark and Angel from their inspiring website Marc and Angel Hack Life.


  1.  “My past is indicative of my future.” – Do not judge failed attempts and mistakes as an indication of your future potential, but as part of the growth process.  Something does not have to end well for it to have been one of the most valuable experiences of a… Continue reading




Many of us (if not most) have a secret unfulfilled passion in life. Something we’d love to do and experience. Something that excites us and gives meaning to your lives.


But most of the time these passions get buried under “things to do”, grinding away at an unfulfilling job, fear, and a myriad of other “excuses”.


Some of these reasons for not following your passion are self-created; others come from other, often well-meaning, people. Henry Junttila, owner of WakeUpCloud.com, writes about 8 lies that stop us from following our passion.



1. It’s Going to Be Obvious
Just because you know what you’re passionate about does not mean that you’ll instantly know what to do.


In fact, often the opposite is true.


You’ll become afraid, because now you have to take action. Now you have to face your fears and move forward.… Continue reading

Dream Killers


I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that every person on this planet has dreams about a more fulfilling future. Some dream small and others on a grand scale. It is thus sad to think that many, if not most, of these wonderful dreams never come to fruition.


Most of us find realizing our dreams somewhat of a challenge, because there always things that seem to stand in our way. Let’s call them for what they can be – dream killers.


Justin Harmon, who writes for Unplugged Recreated took stock of his own experiences and wrote a blog post about these dream killers – and how to avoid them. We take a look at some of my favorite ones.





We all know this one very well. “Whatever, you’ll never be able to do that. Come back to reality.” Sound familiar? Just… Continue reading

Luck and SuccessHow are luck and success connected?


We usually hear conflicting stories about how people became successful. On the ones side there is: “She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth”, or “He had a lucky break – that’s all”.  On the other hand some say “You create your own luck”.


Craig Ballantyne, editor for EarlyToRise.com has the following interesting viewpoint.


Luck has been in my corner since day one back in 1975.


I was extraordinarily lucky to be born in Canada into a lower-middle class family. Lucky enough to have been educated in the years of the first home computer, to have come of age as the first Internet generation, and to have stumbled across the convergence of direct marketing and online e-commerce before everyone and their uncle knew about it.


When I was a child I was lucky enough to have… Continue reading


Those of you who live in the Northern Hemisphere might be interested to know that it is fast becoming Winter in the Land Down Under, and here in WA that means rain. And hopefully lots of it.  Wonderful (to me, at least) weather that invites wood fires, pancakes, gluehwein, and similar cozy things. I had great ideas for writing a technical-type blog post, but with the rain pattering on the metal roof I thought ‘what the heck’, made some hot drinking chocolate, dusted off Pinnacle, and strung together a few motivational quotes for my fellow marketers (and, for myself, of course).


The pictures are not stock photos, but were taken on various trips over the last ten years or so. Locations include Sydney and Perth (the ship at sunset was taken from the deck at the Blue Duck cafe), Tobago, China (Beijing and Shanghai), Canada (Niagara falls,… Continue reading

Ways to Release our Creativity


Ways to Release our CreativityMy take on our so-called “lack of creativity” is that it is really a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Through conditioning and our own life experiences we have come to believe that we are not creative, and that in turn has the effect that we act out not being creative.  You are whatever you believe you are.


Yet, in order to excel in any area of life we need to be creative.  As indicated in my first paragraph, I believe it is all in the mind.


Brain Clark is the founder of Copyblogger (www.copyblogger.com) and he has written a post about ways to release our creativity.  Yes, “I’m not creative” features as well, but there are 9 other ways that Brian spells out in his excellent article.  You can read the complete post here.


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