Content Marketing is the Right Thing to Do


Content Marketing is the Right Thing to DoContent marketing is process of generating content, be it in the form of blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc., and sharing it publicly for free. The end objective is to create awareness and to promote your business in order to make sales and generate income.


But why is content marketing the right thing to do?  Consumers do not trust ads on their own any longer. They require more information before making a buying decision.


So, what can content marketing do for you?  Providing quality content can position you as an expert in your field. Readers will start to trust you and be willing to spend money with you.  Google loves good content. If your site contains good content, it could achieve good search engine rankings and future customers will find your site more readily. Lastly, if… Continue reading

Integrity in Online Marketing.


Integrity in Online BusinessAs online marketers, don’t we come across the following lines all the time.  The gurus have all lied to you, it is not your fault, buy this pushbutton software and you will go from rags to riches in one day.


You might well ask:  Where is the integrity in online marketing?


While it is important to put your product in the best possible light and rave about its benefits, if your product cannot deliver on the promises, it will come back to haunt you.  Primarily because of the Internet the world is now a rather small place.  There are numerous ways in which disgrunted users can give vent to their frustrations.


Lisa Cutter, even though a self-confessed idealist, has the following practical guidines on the topic of integrity in online marketing,  Read the full article here… Continue reading

Article Marketing

Although frowned upon by some gurus as something that belongs to the past, article marketing is still one of the dependable ways to market your online business.


In this post we will look at some of the more important benefits of article marketing – that is, submitting articles to article directories.



Article marketing is free!  Yes, it is completely free.  Some online marketers would say that no Internet marketing is completely free because it involves your time, which could be used in other ways to generate income.  Marketers refer to it as opportunity cost.  I would agree to a certain extent, but it still does not involve taking dollars out of your pocket, which is usually in short supply when new online marketers are starting out.


SEO by article marketing.  Article marketing can contribute greatly to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)… Continue reading