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Affiliate Marketing is too Competitive Nowadays

Affiliate Marketing is too Competitive Nowadays?


Us “old-timers” (in terms of the Internet everybody over 35!) always long back for the “good old days”.  Quite often one reads that affiliate marketing is too competitive nowadays.


Internet marketers remember the days when PPC was cheap and people were still excited to receive emails.  But how does “now” shape up with “then” when everything is taken into consideration?  Experienced marketer Lynn Terry, writing on her blog, has the following opinion.  The complete article is available on her blog here.


Then vs Now


In February of this year I celebrated 15 years in business. And while it’s true that business in general was less competitive back in the 90′s, there were also a lot less resources. Creating a website meant you needed to know learn code. Creating decent graphics required experience… Continue reading

Moms are the Best Marketers?


Moms are the Best MarketersThere is forever this ongoing thing about who is the best at doing certain activities: Men or women (in no specific order 😉 ).   Today we point at a certain group of women and ask if “moms are the best marketers”.


I have always been of the opinion that, contrary to popular belief, stay-at-home moms have quite a demanding “job”.  They are really stay-at-home managers, managing kids and the household.


Christina Smitz, vice president of PR 20/20 and founder of, writes about the parallels between motherhood and marketing she experienced returning to work after maternity leave.  The complete article appears on Kyle Lacy’s informative blog here.


So what other parallels run between motherhood and the modern marketer?


  • We’re always on the clock, working on a 24/7 media cycle, with a schedule built… Continue reading

Multi Tasking Your Content


Multi Tasking your ContentIn order to make your commercial content work, you have to cater for human visitors as well as the search engine bots.  Your content therefore has more than one function.


Jen Van Iderstyne, writing for Internet Marketing Ninjas, describes the process of giving different functions to your content as multi tasking your content.  Your content has to provide information about your business, target the keywords that you would like to rank for, and has to convert prospects into customers. You will find her complete article here.




Let’s start with the most obvious function. Your content should inform visitors of your business,  brand, service, products and over-arching purpose for existence.  It may extol your virtues, why you are superior to your competitors.


It may explain your process, your history or your value factors. It can… Continue reading

Best Backlink Strategy after Panda



Best Backlink Strategy after PandaAre backlinks dead?  What is the best backlink strategy after Panda?  I am sure that you know by now that Google took a swipe at what it considered “spammy” backlinks with the last Panda update.


Google originally considered backlinks as votes of confidence in a site and the more backlinks you could get, the better your site would rank. This, of course, was exploited, especially by “black hat” marketers.


The overall opinion of online marketers was – if you cannot beat them, join them. Sites with low quality content, but a large number of (also low quality) backlinks, were ranking higher that sites with good content.


Now that Google has acted, how should online marketers treat backlinking?  Alan Bush, writing for Best Rank, advises that the best strategy is to play by Google’s rules. Read the… Continue reading

Facebook as part of your Online Marketing Strategy


Facebook as part of Your Online Marketing StrategyThe major search engines have indicated that they are placing far more emphasis on relevant content in their search algorithms.  Relevancy is measured by on-site visitor behavior, such as time spent on the site and pages viewed, and social interaction, such as Facebook likes and Twitter tweets.


This is definitely more than enough reason why you should use Facebook as part of your online marketing strategy.  I have recently come across a great guest post on that topic by Krista LaRiviere on the site  Krista is the CEO of gShift Labs, a web presence optimization company.


It’s well known that Facebook has 845 million active users and 50% log in daily. These numbers are astounding! I guarantee you that your customers and prospects are included in those numbers. They are on Facebook… Continue reading

Linking to Other Sites is a Good Idea?


Linking to other sites is a Good IdeaI think that in all of the courses I purchased when I started out on the Internet, only one guru thought that linking to other sites is a good idea.  Everyone else stated that you would lose some “link juice”, or that you would motivate visitors to leave your site and never return.


Well, I suppose if they never returned to your site it could be that there was nothing of interest to them first place


Edmond Copeland provides a compelling case for linking to other sites in his post on BigOak Blog.  We quote from his post below, but you can read the complete post here.


Linking Out Excuse 1: If I Link Out, People Won’t Stay on My Site


Here’s the thing about the Internet, it’s designed (on purpose, mind… Continue reading

Increase Good User Experience on your Website


Maximize good user experience on your websiteGoogle is continually enhancing its search algorithms to, in plain words; give Internet users exactly what they are searching for.  Google’s goal is therefore to reward quality, relevant content.


It would appear that in order to accomplish that, Google tries to measure human experience.  How do visitors behave when they land on your site?  Do they immediately hit the back button, stay for a few seconds on a single page, or do they click around and stay for a while?


It is obvious that to increase good user experience on your website, your primary goal should be to increase the quality level of content.  But are there other factors we as website owners should take into consideration?


Author James Mathewson is IBM’s representative on the Google Tech Council, where leading B2B companies discuss search… Continue reading

Keep your Email Inbox under Control



Keep your Email Inbox Under ControlWhen working from a home office, as in the case with many Internet marketers, there can be a lot of distractions that eat into your productivity. Some are external to our line of work such as friends and family.  Yet others, in my opinion the more dangerous types, stem from the Internet – social media and email.


Today we look at the email inbox. A cluttered inbox means that you still have to take some action, and the more actions you have to take, the less time you have at your disposal to do creative work.  To keep your email inbox under control is essential to be more productive.


Kristi Hines is a freelance writer and blogger. Her personal blog is called Kikolani. Kristi has the following suggestions on how to keep a clean inbox. Read more… Continue reading

Gain the trust of your website visitors



Gain the Trust of your Website VisitorsWe all tend to hand over our hard-earned cash much easier if we trust the person or company that is offering their service or product to us.  It is especially important for you as website owners, because there is no face-to-face contact and your prospects must rely on the information provided on the site.


The higher the price ticket of your product, the more important the trust factor becomes. So, how can you gain the trust of your website visitors?


In the following article Axandra discusses four actions you can take to get site visitors to trust you or your company.



1. Show that your website represents a real company

It’s amazing how many Internet businesses don’t list their postal addresses. Do these businesses have something to hide? If your customers don’t know who you… Continue reading


Internet MarketingHow much does Internet marketing cost?


This is almost an open-ended question and we all know the rhetorical answer to this – Well, how long is a piece of string?


Internet marketing can be started off on a shoestring budget.  That is the beauty of the Internet.  Success in Internet marketing in most cases does not depend on your looks, past experience, an impressive CV, or a healthy bank balance.


Once your online business is up and running, profits generated can then be ploughed back into further marketing.  Having said that – time and money are interchangeable.  Internet marketing can be cheap if you are willing and able to do all the work yourself.  But your time can be a cost factor as well.  If your are able in whatever way to generate, say $1000 and hour, then spending an… Continue reading