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Responsive Email List


It is said that the difference between being successful in Internet Marketing or not, is having an email list.  Successful marketers would also add that your email list should be a responsive one. These marketers can make much more profit from a smaller, responsive list, that a large list which in reality is just a list of “dead” names.


So, how do we create and maintain a responsive email list?  Successful blogger and marketer John Chow, writing on his blog, provides us with the following 7 steps to build a responsive email list.



1.    Think Long term       


This initial stage of email marketing, to me is the most important.


I see a lot of people make the mistake of assuming that building a list is for a short while.

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You’ve built your brand new blog in your favorite niche and targeted the main keywords with your content.  Each day eagerly check for the appearance of your site on the first page of Google. Nothing?


Yep, your strategy would produce little or no results for a long time.  Your problem is that Google ranks sites according to trust. And that trust depends on the age of the website and the number of natural banklinks to it.


Sites that have been around for some time have both. So, how do you compete with established sites?  Target the right keywords!  The guys from have provided a neat summary of the solution.



Step 1: target the right keywords

If you have a new website, it’s nearly impossible to get high rankings for competitive keywords. Of course, you should include these keywords on… Continue reading

The growth, reach and speed of the Internet are truly astounding!  It has really empowered the ordinary people of this world by educating and informing. It has also allowed large numbers of people to voice their opinion and so effect change. Too bad for some of the “elites” who love control to protect their positions.
The following infographic from illustrates how the Internet empowers us

Power to the Online People







Can we learn what it takes to be successful in marketing from our superhero comic book characters?  If seems that if we look at the traits of great marketers, these superheros can indeed be a source of inspiration.


Matthew Branson from the marketing agency Blueglass gives us his take on the shared traits of marketers and comic superheroes in an article on the company website. We feature the main points in the following section.




1. Fearlessness


Any serious superhero should be without fear.  Ignoring it isn’t enough.  Instead, superheroes transform what would be their fear into something positive and actionable.  They choose to act rather than be bogged down by their own self-imposed limits.


We can learn from this as marketers.  How often do we tell ourselves that we “can’t” do something due to our own hesitations?… Continue reading


Risky Backlinks


Yes, backlinks still do count after all the Google updates and slaps. But not all backlinks are created equal.  In fact, some type of backlinks can actually harm you.


Super affiliate Matt Carter gives us the following selection of backlinks that he would consider risky backlinks and are best to avoid:



Too Much of the Same Anchor Text

As I mentioned above, you need to make sure you mix up your anchor text for your links. I use the same anchor text only about 20 % of the time these days. I even make sure some of my links have no HTML and are just the URL itself. I will also throw in the odd spelling mistake on purpose. You might want to check out my recent post of keywords in regards to this.


Links on Blog Comments and Forum Profiles

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Increase Web Traffic


We all realize that web traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.  The gurus used to tell everybody just to “put it up and they will come”. The problem is that it takes some time before “they” come and it does not always happen automatically.


Known ways to get around this is to create guest posts for some well-visited blogs, be active on forums in your niche, etc.  Anything new?


Well, John Brandon, contributing editor at Inc. magazine has come up with a few ideas to increase web traffic to your site.



1. Pay pennies for YouTube views.

The concept of paying for ads (à la Google Adwords) has been around for years. One new technique, though, is to pay for YouTube viewers. is one option. You can post a video, and then pay about one penny per view. The idea… Continue reading



Most of you will be aware of the often used “Is product X is scam?”, or “Is guru Y a

scam?” tactic used by many marketers.  This is used especially with the launch of a new product.


Nobody wants to be taken in by a scam, so naturally one is drawn to check out the marketer’s website.  Usulally we find that the marketer believes this not to be the case, and the “accusation” is somewhat harmless.


On the other hand, it could happen that somebody is unhappy with your product or service and post a complaint on one of a number of sites set up for that purpose, labelling you as a scam. Whether you are at fault, or not, it sure is a tricky situation that should be dealt with.


Internet Marketer Nickolay Lamm gives advice on what to do if you’re call… Continue reading


Getting Subscibers on your Email List

Getting Subscribers for your Email List.


Social media is definitely the buzzword in internet marketing circles these days and email marketing is almost seen as old fashioned. But is getting subscribers on your email list and marketing to them not effective anymore?


Fact of the matter is; most consumers are also subscribers to email lists.  Just ask yourself the question – how many times have you purchased an item lately only after being made aware of it through email? If you are anything like me – quite a few times!


OK, but how about some ideas on getting subscribers on your email list. We turn to Australian blogger Blog Tyrant, creator of, for his views.



1. Harness the power of groups


Human beings are obsessed with groups. We need them.


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Building an Online Billion Dollar Startup

 Building an Online Billion Dollar Startup


How do you go about building an online  billion dollar startup?  I believe that thought has passed though many minds since April 2012 when Facebook purchased Instagram for around $1 billion in cash and stock.


Instagram is a program that allows people to share their photos on various social networking platforms, including its own.   Instagram got off the ground in October 2010 with an initial investment of $500 000.  After only 3 months it had 1 million users and this increased to over 30 million when Facebook purchased it. Not bad, and that is just one example.


Steve Blank, on his website, offers the following advice for those wondering how it is done. For the complete article, click here.


Is It a Problem or a Need?

I’ve now come… Continue reading