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Information Overload















Almost all new Internet marketers suffer from information overload at some time.  Eager to learn and find a way to make money online, they get bombarded with strategies and products from all over.


Let’s face it, there is a lot of information to take in, and as the Internet landscape is very dynamic, one has to learn and adapt all the time. But how does one cope, especially with a day job and family?


Peter Garety from Blogmechanics.com offers the following advice on dealing with information overload.



Step #1 – Identify what is the biggest, most important thing that can help your business the most.


It doesn’t matter in what stage your business is, you need to find the most important things that will help to grow your business.… Continue reading


Home Business ScamHome Business Opportunities and Scams


One of the most irritating things in the Internet Marketing (IM) or ‘home business’ arena, to me at least,  is the phenomenon of ‘crying scam’, i.e. individuals vehemently insisting that such and such an online business is a ‘scam’ and should be avoided like the plague.  It annoys me because 99.9% of the time the word ‘scam’ is used out of context.



What is the definition of a scam?


A scam is, per definition, a dishonest attempt to trap a person you into parting with his or her money. Unfortunately we have all experienced being ‘done in’ in one way or another, and we all know how it feels. There are lots of examples of scams, such as:


  • ‘Free’ mobile phones
  • ‘Inexpensive’ home security systems
  • Investments with ‘high return and no risk’
  • ‘Cheap’ consolidation of all personal… Continue reading

MaMake Money from Homeke Money From Home.

This must be one of the most popular search terms of our time, with Google currently (February 2012) showing 444,000,000 hits for ‘make money from home’. I have little hope of getting this post to the first page of the Search Engines. But that’s not my reason for writing this. I simply have to get an issue off my chest. The big question is: why should I bother to make money from home?


Why I Make Money From Home

Firstly, let me tell you that I made the decision to ‘make money from home’ in around 2002. My wife and I had just decided to get away from the big smoke (Perth) and settle in the countryside of Western Australia, in a village called Toodyay (pronounced ‘two-jay’). Now Toodyay is not really a bustling metropolis. It is better suited to artists and retirees. True,… Continue reading

Successful Online Business

What are the fundamental factors that have to be in place for you to have your own successful online home business? It turns out to be that these are all in the mind – your mindset.


Firstly, there is the question of “why”. Why do you want to start your own online business? What would that change? What didn’t you have with your present job? Is it more time with your family? More freedom? Better working conditions? The possibility of more money? More free time? The satisfaction of doing your own thing?


It is quite possible that it is a combination of these issues, but you have to get clear on why you are starting your online business. Having an understanding of your reasons will provide the motivation and drive for you to achieve your business goals and build up a successful business. It will help you move… Continue reading