Mistakes to avoid when Blogging for Profit


Mistakes to Avoid when Blogging for ProfitOn the surface blogging seems very easy.  Just choose a topic that interests you and let rip.  On the contrary, many bloggers find that they do not achieve the results, i.e. visitor interaction, return visitors, and some cash in the pocket!


When this happens it is worth your while to sit back and evaluate your blog.   What is missing, what are you doing the wrong way, and could be improved, and what should be added?


In the following section Ali Luke discusses 5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid when blogging for profit.  The complete article can be found here.


Mistake #1: Not Having a Clear Goal

Why do you have a blog? How does it benefit you and your readers?

You need to know the answer to these questions in order… Continue reading

Stop getting frustrated when creating blog posts



Stop getting Frustrated when Creating new Blog PostsI’m sure the following scenario is familiar to a lot of you. You decide to write a post for your blog. You start up your trusty computer, open a word processor, and after some blank moments, decide on a topic and start banging away at the keyboard.


This develops into a type of start-stop affair and after many re-workings (and a long time) your post is ready (sort of) to be published. But it is not really what you had in mind in terms of quality. Frustration!


So, how can you stop getting frustrated when creation blog posts? By being methodical. How?

According to Kraig Stewardson in his guest post on, he has learnt the hard way.  In the following excerpt he spells out his new methodical approach and the way he benefited from using… Continue reading

What is a Content Curator?The Curator


In a previous post we looked at the concept of content curation, and we referred to a specific blog post by Rohit Bhargava. In the same article he elaborated on, what he called, a ‘manifesto’ or ‘job description of a person who performs the curation function. Here he refers to the challenge facing such a person in a corporate environment:


What if you were to ask about the person that makes sense of it all? The one who sifts through all the content and picks out the best and most worthy. This person is missing from most corporate communications teams. It’s not a commonly defined role on any ebusiness teams. In fact, there are few jobs like this at all. The closest comparative role may be contained within the rising Library 2.0 movement (one I wrote about some time ago), but this… Continue reading

Ways to make your Business Blog more Effective.


Ways to make your Business Blog more EffectiveAs an online marketer you should be constantly looking for ways to make your business blog more effective.  To create a decent blog and to maintain it can require a lot of effort – Google has declared autoblogs dead and gone.  So,  why not get the most out of your creation using the info in this post.


Brad Shore is responsible for the following tips to improve the effectiveness of your blog. Brad is a director at Straight North, a Chicago based SEO company.  His complete article is available here.


1.  Add Two Conversion Activities to Your Blog

A fatal flaw for any blog is failing to offer readers a way to and a reason for contacting you. You should have two offers: one for browsers, and another for buyers. Browsers are… Continue reading

What is content curation?Content Curation


Content curation is a ‘hot’ topic. If you are a regular Warrior Forum reader, you would have seen a flurry of new content curation tools and courses. ‘Good on ya’ if you know what it is, and if  you are applying it to your blog(s). But if you are unsure of what it really is all about, then the extract from an article on content curation by Rohit Bhargava below is a good starting point. And, if you have not noticed it already, the article you are reading right now is a curated article in its own right.


Rohit describes the problem as follows:


Every hour thousands of new videos are uploaded online. Blog posts are written and published. Millions of tweets and other short messages are shared. To say there is a flood of content being created online now seems like… Continue reading