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With the recent Google updates to their search algorithm there are now seem to be 3 ways to ensure good rankings: quality content, quality backlinks and social interaction.  Gone are the days where you could accumulate thousands of low quality backlinks from sources such as forum profiles and link farms, and so achieve good rankings.


What is a link building strategy that works right now?   One that will produce quality backlinks in Google’s eyes. Norbert, freelance writer and founder of, wrote the following in a guest post on



1.Guest Blogging On High Ranking Blogs


Guest blogging is one of my favorite link building strategies. When I started, I targeted smaller and intermediate blogs which had good PR (PR 2 or above). Such blogs are good for backlinking but you should never expect a load of referral traffic from them. If you,re just starting out on guest blogging, starting with such blogs is also good for learning the art of writing for other bloggers.


If you’re however looking to boost your traffic with guest posts, it’s wise to target relevant high-ranking blogs in your niche. Such top blogs have the potential to not only send you hundreds of visitors but they also earn you very strong backlinks.


Be sure to deliver valuable, original content. Evaluate the blogs you’re targeting to find out more about their audience, the types of contents that performs very well on them, etc. Look at how the audience interacts with the content in terms of comments and social sharing. This will help you come up with guest posts that are more likely to be well received by that particular blog’s audience.


2. Updating Your Blog with Quality Content


Writing for your own blog is probably a normal day-to-day activity that you even don’t see it as a potential link building strategy. Have you ever thought of the epic content on your blog earning you backlinks naturally?


Yes, this is one of those cases where it’s easier said than done. It’s not that easy to get other webmasters naturally linking back to your top-notch content unless of course you’re a well-known expert with a well-established brand.


It’s however not impossible. First of all start by making sure your content is always 100% original so that it’s not easy to find such information elsewhere. You want your site to be noted as a valuable resource in your niche so that others can take note and refer to your content.


After filling your blog with relevant high quality content, you should make a point of promoting it. Social media sites like twitter, forums, etc are great for soliciting back links. Engage relevant webmasters and fans alike. If they too think your content is valuable, they’ll be willing to link back to it when they create similar contents for their sites.


You can also talk to your blogger friends and ask them to link to you. Most of them won’t mind if you also link back to them from time to time.


3.Social Networking With Relevant People


Social networking is great for many reasons. It can earn you backlinks, boost your traffic, boost your brand, grow your reputation, etc. That’s why social media should always be in your to-do list. It’s true that it can be a huge time killer. But this is not always the case if you plan and implement social media management tools like hootsuite, buffer, dlvr, etc.


Use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, to show the world that you’re a reputable expert in your niche. You can also reach out to your contacts to find out if they have any available opportunities like guest posting that you could take on.


Forums are also great for boosting traffic and building backlinks. Join the discussions on relevant forums in your niche. Most forums always allow you to include a signature in your profile. Just remember to be relevant and adhere to the guidelines for best practices on such forums.


You should always remember to also take time and leave meaningful comments on other relevant blogs. Nowadays it’s easy to find blogs that are comment-friendly. Such are blogs using plugins like commentluv that will give you a link back to your blog posts.


When it comes to link building strategies, it’s always vital to diversify your links. Don’t just stick to one method of building links. Go out and guest post on top blogs, leave meaningful comments on other sites, take part in social media, list your blog in blog directories, use article directories, etc. Google has also been actively calling for link diversity in its updates. Just be sure to watch where you get your backlinks from as you don’t want to get caught in bad neighborhoods.





Apart from some blog owners experiencing a drop in the ranking of their sites, Google have even sent out warnings recently. Google drew attention to the fact that at least some of the backlinks to their blogs are believed to be of inferior quality, and to take appropriate action.


Rather play safe and stick to a link building strategy that works.


Deon and Johan Reynders


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