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Blogging PhilosophyReading about what successful bloggers write about the way they do blogging, ones comes to the conclusion that each one have  their own blogging philosophy on what they write, when they write it, and how they write it.


As an example, some bloggers plan in advance.  They jot down notes and write from that, while others just open a document in their word processor, take an idea, and start typing. Some have a regimented schedule – they blog on certain days and during a specific time period.  Others create when they have the time. And so on.


Today we look at the blogging philosophy of Ken Mueller, a blogger with 30 years of media experience and the owner of Inkling Media. Ken writes the following in a post on Business to Community.com.


My most important marketing tool – I believe that in terms of creating a strong online presence, the most important thing you can do is create content. Blogging can do more for you and your business than just about anything else. Period. End of story. No matter your business, a blog is something you definitely need to consider.


Consistent and regular – I would never tell anyone else to do this, but when I started blogging for my business I made the commitment to blog every day. Regardless of how often you blog, just make sure you are consistent. If I miss a day of publishing, I’m sure the only one it bothers is me, but that can still be a strong motivation to remain consistent.


Scheduled and regimented – While I don’t write at the same time every day, I want my post to go out at the same time every day. Every once and awhile I’ll write a “bonus” post if something comes to mind and I want to get it out there sooner.


Free, relevant information – My primary audience consists of those in small business and non-profits. I write for them and provide free information. Sure there are others in my audience, but they are secondary. For me, blogging is about helping others by providing good, relevant information.


No sell zone -I’m not here to sell a product or service. Sure, if someone wants to hire me, great, but that’s not a part of my call to action on my posts. I just don’t sell. Now that may change a little bit when I publish some books or e-books, but it will be very subtle. Definitely no hard sell.


Be positive – I try to promote good things. This doesn’t mean I won’t point out things I see that are wrong, but in general, I believe we are too negative of a society. We need more positivity. I would much rather be positive and promote a positive mindset in my readers.


No real editorial calendar – Some people swear by having an editorial calendar, and I would even suggest this for some of my clients, but I don’t have one. I very rarely know what I’m going to write about more than a day or two in advance. Some people need the structure that a calendar provides, but I know myself well enough to know that if I had a calendar, I’d be constantly scheduling and rescheduling posts so I could publish the newer content that comes to mind.



Some good insights here in Ken’s blogging philosophy.  Ken also shares some thoughts on the actual creation of his posts in the rest of his article.



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