MLM SuccessLooking for the keys to MLM success?


If you consider joining an MLM opportunity, or have joined one just recently, or have been in MLM for a while without much success, then the following keys may be valuable for you.


By no means does it represent everything that will ensure your MLM success, but in my view they represent the core principles.


A good mentor.  A good mentor is pure gold! Learn all that you can from him/her and you will avoid many pitfalls and be able to cut out a lot of unnecessary trial and error in the pursuit of MLM success. Remember that your mentor is not there do your work, but for guidance and feedback.


If your sponsor is a successful MLM marketer and a good mentor, then you are in luck.  If not, you would be in the same situation as most MLM’ers. But do not despair, your mentor could be anybody in your upline, or anybody in your MLM company, for that matter.


Also search the Internet for other people who have achieved MLM success and could act as your mentors as well. Learn from the content on their websites and join their mailing lists.


Personal Development.  To achieve MLM success you must invest in your own development.  Your business will grow when you grow personally as well. Put in time and effort to develop your skills in; setting a vision and goals, time management, communication and leadership.  Improve your technical skills. Learn how to set up a blog, write and distribute articles, make videos, set up autoresponders, etc.


It may take some time, but in the end it will pay off.


Attraction Marketing.  Attraction marketing is the opposite of manipulative selling, in other words, a hard sell. The old school method of trying to achieve MLM success was to sell your MLM opportunity upfront your friends, relatives, or just about anybody that came close to you.  That approach did work in some cases, but most of the time people started avoiding you.


A much better way is to offer information, help and advice to rather attract prospects to you. People will then search you out and approach you to find out more about your MLM opportunity and anything else that you may offer.


Brand Yourself.  MLM success comes easier by branding yourself and not your MLM company. There are usually thousands of other people that are promoting your company. Branding yourself is the only way to stand out from the crowd and get more people to join your team.


Be different than the rest.  Why should people join you?  They would join you only if they are convinced you will assist them in achieving their own MLM success!


Build relationships.  Provide value all of the time.  Make all prospects and team members feel that they know you and can count on you for sound advice and support.  Keep in touch by means of your website and frequent emails.


Building relationships will add a lot towards your MLM success by new people joining your team and existing members staying on.


By Johan


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