MLM TipsIn this post I am sharing with you what I consider as essential MLM tips to make your business a success.



MLM Tips No. 1 – Treat your MLM like a business


There is a huge difference in the financial results you achieve between treating MLM as a business or a hobby.  A hobby takes up part of your time and will reward you with satisfaction and joy, but it will cost you money, not generate it.


I am sure you are in MLM to generate income. The only way to do this is to treat it like a business, and be rewarded financially for your time and effort.



MLM Tips No. 2 – Dedicate time to your MLM business


We all live very busy lives – there is no getting away from it.  If you do not plan, and allocate time to any specific activity, the time spent on other activities will expand so that you will never get to it.


You have to set up a daily schedule and allocate a certain amount of time to your MLM business.  Then, stick to it!


How much time should you allocate to MLM?  Well, the more the better – if it is productive time, but I would say a minimum of 10 hours a week. You should aim for least an hour a weekday and then you can do the rest over the weekend.


Be consistent and rather allocate time every day, than to postpone everything for the weekend.



MLM Tips No. 3 – Set clear monetary goals


When starting out, this is one of the first things you must do.  If you are already in the MLM business, and are not achieving desired results, this tip could be a key issue.


Decide how much money you would like to make from your business on a monthly basis. Be practical, but at the same time, do not aim too low. Your goal should be something that would cause your to stretch, but be achievable in your own eyes.


Now work backwards and figure out what it would require to reach those monetary goals? How many people you will have to sponsor, and/or how many products to sell? How many leads are required to make the sales?  What marketing do you have to do to get those leads?


Set achievable goals for each area and the allocate your resources (time and money) to achieve them,



MLM Tips No. 4 – Be a leader


When starting out one of the best strategies is to look what other leaders in the MLM industry is doing and then to do likewise.  As they say – “success leaves clues”.  Do not try to re-invent the wheel.  Learning from others should a lifelong activity in all areas of ones life.


The trick is to take what you learn and to give it your own unique twist. Stamp it with your own personality. Try always to stand out from the crowd, and become someone that others now look up to learn from.


Do not be afraid to take a stand. Although I would not recommend for you to ruffle feathers all the time.  Taking a stand may repel some people, but it could cause people thinking likewise to be drawn towards you.


Share what you learn with your team. Become that sponsor that you wished you had!


Being a leader will take you out of your comfort zone many times, but without pushing yourself beyond those self-imposed limitations, there is little chance of personal growth.



MLM Tips No. 5 – Consistency and never quitting


So many MLM’ers start out very enthusiastic and with high hopes.  They will put in a lot of effort in the first few weeks. Then, when they see little or no results from their efforts, they quit.


With MLM the secret is to be consistent over a period of time. You have to marketing consistently, sponsor consistently – and the results will come.


Worse is quitting.  I read the other day about a current MLM leader whose sponsor quit the MLM industry some years ago. Should the sponsor have stayed on, he would have received millions of dollars in yearly income by now, because of the huge downline the current leader has built up!


Do not quit!


To your success




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