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Deon and Johan Reynders

Stop Living in the Past.


Most of us seem to be hooked on living in the past from time to time. While there is nothing wrong reminiscing about the past, and building on good experiences, it is counterproductive to live in the past.


The past is gone – forever. Craig Jarrow, writing on his blog Time Management Ninja (Timemanagementninja.com), gives us the following compelling reasons as to why we should stop living in the past.



The Past Has Passed


You can’t go back.


Some people think they can.


They live in the past. And they miss the present.


“If you spend all your time looking in the review mirror,

You are bound to miss something that is right in front of you.”


Life is all about living in the now.


The Present Is When Life Happens


Things change.… Continue reading

Responsive Email List


It is said that the difference between being successful in Internet Marketing or not, is having an email list.  Successful marketers would also add that your email list should be a responsive one. These marketers can make much more profit from a smaller, responsive list, that a large list which in reality is just a list of “dead” names.


So, how do we create and maintain a responsive email list?  Successful blogger and marketer John Chow, writing on his blog JohnChow.com, provides us with the following 7 steps to build a responsive email list.



1.    Think Long term       


This initial stage of email marketing, to me is the most important.


I see a lot of people make the mistake of assuming that building a list is for a short while.

Yes, you can… Continue reading

How-To Blog Posts


I have personally purchased courses online where the author had just slapped together all that he/she knows about the particular subject. No clear objectives at the start and no natural flow of information.  Frustration!


The same could be said for some how-to blog posts.  It is essential for one to put yourself in the shoes of your readers and keep in mind they do not have your knowledge and experience and still have to piece together the puzzle.


Sarah Arrow gives us her recipe for how to create how-to blog posts in the following section. Sarah is the managing editor of Birds On The Blog (www.birdsontheblog.co.uk), recognized as one of the top sites in the world for women.



Post title : How to create an effective How-to blog post


This headline is simple and effective as people type questions into… Continue reading


Do what you Love


We often hear the phrase “Do what you love and the money will come” by well-meaning motivational speakers, or people who are doing just that.


Fact of the matter is, if you look deeper you will undoubtedly discover that the successful people are very good at whatever they love doing. They have found that perfect match. In many cases we are not that good at what we love doing. Not sufficiently good that people will part with their money.


Marketing consultant and small business expert, John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing), maintains that in order to develop a passion for your work, you first have to work to get good at it. John elaborates in the following paragraphs.



You do this by continuously studying, practicing and stretching.




In business you can’t ever stop studying, it just must be… Continue reading


Guest Posts


Guest blogging has become an accepted and recommended way to increase exposure for the blogger submitting the post, and to gain quality backlinks to the blogger’s own site.  Bloggers report a real increase of visitors to their site after getting a guest post published on an authority site.


But it could just be that Google is frowning on this activity as it could be misused as a strategy just to get good backlinks. If this is the case, will sites with guest posts get penalized?


We take a look at the opinion of the site Quick Online Tips (www.quickonlinetips.com).




Guest blogging WAS great


Guest blogging started with a bang a few years back and QOT was one of the first few blogs to support guest blogging.  I remember that when we started accepting guest posts few years… Continue reading

Link Building


With the recent Google updates to their search algorithm there are now seem to be 3 ways to ensure good rankings: quality content, quality backlinks and social interaction.  Gone are the days where you could accumulate thousands of low quality backlinks from sources such as forum profiles and link farms, and so achieve good rankings.


What is a link building strategy that works right now?   One that will produce quality backlinks in Google’s eyes. Norbert, freelance writer and founder of Web-insights.com, wrote the following in a guest post on Weblogbetter.com.



1.Guest Blogging On High Ranking Blogs


Guest blogging is one of my favorite link building strategies. When I started, I targeted smaller and intermediate blogs which had good PR (PR 2 or above). Such blogs are good for backlinking but you should never expect a load of referral traffic from them.… Continue reading



Early in 2012 Google spokesperson Matt Cutts announced that Google will endeavor to penalize sites that use over optimized SEO to get good SERP (search engine results pages) rankings.  Over optimized SEO meaning web owners stuffing their site content with keywords and creating artificial backlinks in order for their content to rank for the particular keywords.


Although many Internet marketers are crying foul, Google is only looking after its own interests by ensuring it stays the preferred search engine.  Keyword stuffing leads to inferior content and ultimately to a bad user experience.


Deny Saputra, from GetWebsiteTraffic.org, shares her views on how to avoid over optimized SEO.



Is This the End of SEO?


Punk and metal might be dead but not definitely SEO. The Goggle’s banshee cries are only about over optimized SEO techniques and over optimized sites or blogs.… Continue reading

Information Overload















Almost all new Internet marketers suffer from information overload at some time.  Eager to learn and find a way to make money online, they get bombarded with strategies and products from all over.


Let’s face it, there is a lot of information to take in, and as the Internet landscape is very dynamic, one has to learn and adapt all the time. But how does one cope, especially with a day job and family?


Peter Garety from Blogmechanics.com offers the following advice on dealing with information overload.



Step #1 – Identify what is the biggest, most important thing that can help your business the most.


It doesn’t matter in what stage your business is, you need to find the most important things that will help to grow your business.… Continue reading



You’ve built your brand new blog in your favorite niche and targeted the main keywords with your content.  Each day eagerly check for the appearance of your site on the first page of Google. Nothing?


Yep, your strategy would produce little or no results for a long time.  Your problem is that Google ranks sites according to trust. And that trust depends on the age of the website and the number of natural banklinks to it.


Sites that have been around for some time have both. So, how do you compete with established sites?  Target the right keywords!  The guys from Free-SEO-News.com have provided a neat summary of the solution.



Step 1: target the right keywords

If you have a new website, it’s nearly impossible to get high rankings for competitive keywords. Of course, you should include these keywords on… Continue reading